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300 pounds of Marlin

Caught out in front of the farm, Honaunau, Hi. 300 pound Marlin, going to smoke all the meat.From the mountain to the ocean, so much food. A..
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Deathe, Nature, and Life

Jonathan Zhao walked around his room then summoned elders Gong Yuenyi and Yue to the palace. He was already the Great Elder but he decided..
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March 11, 2011

Remember this day, 2011. Japans Tsunami. More than 20,000 people died or still missing. Possibly a million people will die from Fukushima.&..
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Meryl Streep's Shock Plans to Marry Co-star Robert Redford!

Shape Magazine - Meryl Streep and Robert Redford shock the world with plans of getting married after years of keeping their relationship a s..
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Be A Tree

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My Doctor

The moment you know you have chosen the right Doctor. Before my EEG I was asked a few questions. The last was the best, "Roy, have ..
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South Pacific Storm

This is the aftermath of a storm that came up from the South Pacific. Most of the islands got 10+ inches of rain. We got less than a 1/4 in ..
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The High Emperor(Part 1)

Introduction: Shelong took up his darklight and attacked, slashing deep into the enemiy ranks. Hiran Temple’s walls were crumbling. From t..
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Positive People vs Negative

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Look What Can Happen In One Year

2/26/16 Cold China2/26/17 Warm Honaunau63 years of Fun and Adventure, thank you Life.
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See Mammoth 'Hole' Open In This Lake

Drone footage captured a mesmerizing spillway that began draining water after this lake experienced record rainfall.It may look like a porta..
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Three Bulls breaking everything on the farm for months. We Kill & eat two. One left to catch. We have not seen the last for two week..
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Share Today- The Science in Love at Valentine'Day

Love ---A chemical explosion in your brain (Part of the selected from VOA)February 14  is Valentine's Day, the people all of the wo..
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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ....... "can I have my rowboat back"

Maybe the last words spoken by Captain James Cook, RN, today, 238 years ago. Killed,cooked, & feasted on over a stolen rowboat, misunder..
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Aamil Mallick   |  15- 8-2014 November 2014 (DFP) Daish film production @ the indian bollywood film production ..
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We give thanks for food we are about to receive. An early morning check to see if we got the bull. Trap #1 no, Trap #2 no, as I came ..
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Lava flowing, Big Island Hawaii

This is on the other side of our Island. Our home is a wonder in so many ways. Come here and see for yourself.Aloha
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Joy & I live with one foot in the world of Costco & Home Depot and the other foot in pioneer days. We live on the edge of a primord..
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VETTING.It might come as shock to some, but this has been around for a long time, done by most if not all countries.I have been vetted (det..
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