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Share Today- The Science in Love at Valentine'Day

Love ---A chemical explosion in your brain (Part of the selected from VOA)February 14  is Valentine's Day, the people all of the wo..
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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ....... "can I have my rowboat back"

Maybe the last words spoken by Captain James Cook, RN, today, 238 years ago. Killed,cooked, & feasted on over a stolen rowboat, misunder..
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Aamil Mallick   |  15- 8-2014 November 2014 (DFP) Daish film production @ the indian bollywood film production ..
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We give thanks for food we are about to receive. An early morning check to see if we got the bull. Trap #1 no, Trap #2 no, as I came ..
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Lava flowing, Big Island Hawaii

This is on the other side of our Island. Our home is a wonder in so many ways. Come here and see for yourself.Aloha
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Joy & I live with one foot in the world of Costco & Home Depot and the other foot in pioneer days. We live on the edge of a primord..
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VETTING.It might come as shock to some, but this has been around for a long time, done by most if not all countries.I have been vetted (det..
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Elaine Chao

Senate voted 93 to 6 on Tuesday to confirm Elaine Chao as head of the U.S. Transportation Department, which overseas aviation, vehicle, ..
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let it rain, let it rain, let it rain

We have been in a drought here in Hawaii. No rain for 2 months. I guess all farmers of the world go through this. We have no connection to..
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Veggie Nuggets RECIPE:
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Cheese-Stuffed Blooming Onion RECIPE:
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The End of the Askima Wars

The Tales of Zhang Guo XinIn the palace of the Yuan, soldiers walked around the walls. The Chen had conquered all of their cities but the..
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A letter to Coast to Coast Am Radio (George Noory)

Aloha,Roy & Joy living here in Honaunau, South Kona, Big Island. Ready for anything that comes our way. There is a place on this pla..
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“I can't give you a sure-fire formula for success, but I can give you a formula for failure: try to please everybody all the time.” &n..
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Sale and Replacement of a Principal Residence by Taxpayers 55 years of Age or Older

This is a question I'm being asked more often and I'm assuming it's due to the baby boomers now looking to retire and down size...
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Carpet and carpet designs and prices in Pakistan - living room ideas

These gorgeous designs bring a bounty of personality and panache to the living room.NEW YORK CITY LIVING ROOMIn the West Village pied-à..
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The Golden Age of the Chen(Part 2)

The Tales of Zhang Guo XinChen Kai Tai paced around the room. He looked at his armor, Ji(Chinese weapon kind of a mix of an Ax, spear, Kr..
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2 STEPS, Honaunau Bay

We had George, Gail, Chad, & Kevin from Nabraska come and stay with us on our Farm. This was just before they got on the plane to go hom..
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The Golden Age of the Chen(Part 1)

I am 8 years old and this story is based on one of my friends. If you want to see more of my writing check out the series Aberforth and Akal..
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