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Otaku Take Out

In looking for ideas that would inspire another blog, I came across the term, Otaku. It is a Japanese word with the following definition:o..
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Fortune in Follow Through

In the world of sports, the definition of follow through is: (like in golf, baseball, and other sports) to continue one's movement aft..
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An American in Paris

We’ve got tickets to see ‘An American in Paris’ live onstage this week. What started as a marvelous composition by George Gershwin in 1928..
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The Pay Off

I just saw that my check was cashed by the IRS. No problem. I just saw that a few administrations ago paid North Korea 4 billion to not ha..
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The Sweet Life

My youngest daughter tends bar while she attends school to be a Social Worker. In some ways she’s doing the same thing now without a degre..
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Retired, still got it.

Retired Firefighters should never forget what they are. We do what needs to be done.5 Years AgoSee Your MemoriesRoy SendeleApril 19, 2012 · ..
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My Favorite Blogs

I know Wikiomni had to re-group and some blog stuff was altered. I went back through and udated most of what I have written in this web site..
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My Catalog

I was looking through the catalog of blogs I've written in Wikiomni and I thought it might be a good idea to put the list all in one pla..
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Bridge of Sighs

Venice, Italy, has an impressive collection of bridges, and the Bridge of Sighs is one of the best known in the world. The Bridge of..
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Discovery Bay

My sister and brother-in-law sold their home in Dublin, CA and moved to Discovery Bay. Discovery Bay; sounds like a place where children le..
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Aloha, our sustainable living project is evolving. What started out as a place to call home has turned into a life style event that we are..
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The End of the Sarklammen Threat

Jonathan Zhao read the prophecy again. He had found it in the ice. This is what it said:Deathe will reveal himself in true form at the la..
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There was once a land called Avaska. There were three regions in this land. One was under the rule of the Nahotsk in the east. Another was..
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Whole Lota Shaken Goin On Here in Honaunau

         Typical Day on the Farm. .............Pele is Restless17 in the last 24 hoursabout 11 hours ago &nb..
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Videography- An Art to Click Live Video

Videography is the craft of catching an assortment of pictures on an electronic medium. The work of an expert videographer is to record the ..
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A Day In America

This is a great country; we can all live here in our own way, just follow the rules. Today was a trip to US Immigration, friendly, welco..
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5 Tourist Attractions You Must Visit On Your Singapore Malaysia Tour

Over 25 million people visit Singapore and Malaysia every year. Known for high-end shopping malls and luxury hotels, multicultural populatio..
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Old Hawaii Coffee Farmers/ not much change

Chinese immigrants were the first to take up coffee farming, a new path from working the sugar cane fields. Our Kona Coffee came from Guate..
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300 pounds of Marlin

Caught out in front of the farm, Honaunau, Hi. 300 pound Marlin, going to smoke all the meat.From the mountain to the ocean, so much food. A..
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Deathe, Nature, and Life

Jonathan Zhao walked around his room then summoned elders Gong Yuenyi and Yue to the palace. He was already the Great Elder but he decided..
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