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A letter to Coast to Coast Am Radio (George Noory)

Aloha,Roy & Joy living here in Honaunau, South Kona, Big Island. Ready for anything that comes our way. There is a place on this pla..
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“I can't give you a sure-fire formula for success, but I can give you a formula for failure: try to please everybody all the time.” &n..
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Sale and Replacement of a Principal Residence by Taxpayers 55 years of Age or Older

This is a question I'm being asked more often and I'm assuming it's due to the baby boomers now looking to retire and down size...
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Carpet and carpet designs and prices in Pakistan - living room ideas

These gorgeous designs bring a bounty of personality and panache to the living room.NEW YORK CITY LIVING ROOMIn the West Village pied-à..
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The Golden Age of the Chen(Part 2)

The Tales of Zhang Guo XinChen Kai Tai paced around the room. He looked at his armor, Ji(Chinese weapon kind of a mix of an Ax, spear, Kr..
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2 STEPS, Honaunau Bay

We had George, Gail, Chad, & Kevin from Nabraska come and stay with us on our Farm. This was just before they got on the plane to go hom..
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The Golden Age of the Chen(Part 1)

I am 8 years old and this story is based on one of my friends. If you want to see more of my writing check out the series Aberforth and Akal..
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Creativity is a mind skill (Static subject) or a process (Dynamic meaning) equipping us to make any new idea in any area. Then creativit..
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The End of Vlastor

This is the last of the Aberforth and Akaltra series. I hope you enjoyed them!Aberforth and Akaltra(Part 5)Vlastor turned into a real Vold..
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Horse Property in La Puente

While working with one of my clients who is looking to sell his home in Anaheim to purchase a horse property in La Puente, I found this amaz..
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What Are Doing the Rest of Your Life?

The beginning of each year is a great watershed time to re-visit life-plans, yearly goals and, as a good checkpoint, to review whether our..
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The Dark Ages

Aberforth and Akaltra(Part 4)Vlastor had risen to full power now. Alastor Harry Fwitkey Potter ran across the Order of Bellechenezang Isl..
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Make New the New Year

Every year people make New Year’s resolutions. These resolutions usually surround some type of self-improvement or satisfying items on buck..
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Blueprint for Successful living in 2017

Blueprint for Successful living in 2017Ring in the new year with a commitment to reaching higher ground. Embrace the concept of Constant Co..
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The New Lord Voldemort(Part 3)

Aberforth and Akaltra(Part 3, Continued)The assault on the Presidency had begun. All the forces of the Order would attack the north and t..
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New Years Resolution

Never surf with an old surf leash. Surfboard $500, New leash $25. Big day, Bad day, surfing the reef where Hawaiian Kings surfed. King Kam..
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For 63 years breathing air, I remember almost every president, and it is always the same, the world is coming to an end because of who won...
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The New Lord Voldemort(Part 2)

Aberforth and Akaltra(Part 3, Continued)At John Fwitkey Potter’s funeral, Alastor Harry Fwitkey Potter was 12 years old and already the H..
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Simon Sinek....motivational speaker

Simon Sinek talks about young Millennials. People that were born after 1984. Simon is a motivational speaker. Are you or your children Mille..
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The New Lord Voldemort

Aberforth and Akaltra(Part 3 of the Story)John Fwitkey Potter looked out of the window. It was winter break for his son, Alastor Harry Fw..
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