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AT&T Defiant on Time Warner Deal

AT&T’s chief executive called the chances of unwinding its purchase of Time Warner “remote,” saying the Trump administration’s decisio..
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How Overqualified People Get Jobs

People wanting to take a step back in their careers may face the obstacle of being overqualified for the position they seek. However, peop..
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Uber Pledges Better Driver Checks

Uber said this week that it was teaming up with background check provider, Checkr, and analytics firm, Appriss, to better track drivers..
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Analysis of litecoin to btc chart in today

Yesterday's report said that Litecoin's price will rebound today, and may even break through $80. The data obtained from citicoins (..
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Great Work You doing.......

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How Well Do You Know The U.S. Oil & Gas Industry?

It is common knowledge that the world runs on oil and gas. That is why oil & gas is a political chess piece and a lucrative investment o..
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America Needs More truckers

Trucking companies are having a difficult time finding new drivers, even after hiking pay and offering bonuses, according to The Washingto..
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Groupon Looking to Sell itself?

Groupon and its bankers have been actively working to sell the company, Recode reports, citing two people familiar with the move. The deal..
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Science of Persuasion

I want you to do things my way! I want you to stop thinking like you’re thinking and begin to think the way I want you to think! Do things..
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Sales Decisions: Logic vs Emotion

Logic makes people think. Emotions make people act! To be successful in sales, you need both. Combining both brings the perfect storm of p..
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LaCroix boss accused of groping

The billionaire CEO behind LaCroix, Nick Caporella, has been accused of sexual harassment by two pilots, reports The Wall Street Journal. ..
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Shopping Malls Getting Empty

 Shopping malls across the U.S. haven’t been this empty in six years, according to The Wall Street Journal, with the popularity of on..
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How to Calculate Returns with the Help of SIP Calculator?

When you want to take your savings and investments to the next level, you need a tool which can help you to determine the end corpus. Theref..
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Big Beer Going Flat?

U.S. partiers may not be paring an American “big beer” with that hotdog this Fourth of July. Sales of the four leading brands — Bud Light,..
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Inflation/Interest Rates Increasing

Consumer prices rose the most in six years in May as spending growth slowed. Commerce Department figures showed Friday that the Federal Re..
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How to Make the Best Investment Plan with SIP?

Imagine you want to buy your dream car, but you do not have the required money with you. So, you decide to take a loan which you’ll then rep..
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Telling Your Boss You’re Pregnant

Many women worry about sharing their pregnancy news with their employers. And it’s no surprise — research from the U.K.’s Equality and Hum..
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Female Execs Face Pay Gaps Too

While female CEOs earn the same and sometimes more than their male counterparts, those in the C-suite, just one rung down, earn less, says..
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Tesla in Trouble?

Tesla will shutter some of the solar businesses it bought a few years ago, reports Reuters, after the electric carmaker announced it was c..
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Supreme Court Oks Online Sales Tax

The Supreme Court has ruled that states can collect taxes from online retailers without a physical presence there, reports The Wall Street..
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