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China "Dismantles" CIA Operations by Killing Informants

New reports show that the Chinese government has been killing American CIA informants in China. On May 20, 2017, the New York Times reported..
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US Vs. China

There has been a lot of talk about how China, if the United States were to go to war with them, would beat the United States. This comes fro..
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Ariana Grande's Concert in Manchester Ends up in Tragedy

 The May 22, 2017 Ariana Grande concert in Manchester ended in tragedy. A nail bomb went off as patrons were leaving the concert. There..
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Our President's First Trips Abroad

President Trump made some trips over the weekend that have a great impact on the American people. What has happened will benefit the United ..
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The President's Visit to Saudi

Our country has been in a war against terrorism for a long time. It is sad to see that this war has not had the effect we have wanted it to ..
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As it Turns Out, Trump and Harvard are right!

In the first 100 days of his administration, the media has seized every opportunity to condemn Trump. Harvard affirms this with a recent stu..
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Global Cyber Attack

The global cyber attack is actively affecting all Microsoft operating systems such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 8 and Windows Server 200..
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What can we Atribute to Prsident Trump so far

President Donald Trump was elected to office in January of 2017. His first 100 days in office was filled with controversy and lots of negati..
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China and United States, a love-hate relationship

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping are by no means the best of friends. President Trump made it very clear how much he disdains the leader of China..
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No Fighting but in War

Asia, as most Americans see it, is just a gigantic place where we owe a lot of money to. We owe so much money to China that we just try to k..
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The FBI, Comey, and the Ërratic Activity of President Trump

Even long before being elected president of the United States, President Trump has done nothing but exhibit consummate egotism and an unquen..
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South East Asia Is Getting Dragged Into A Fight Between The US and North Korea

The United States has been waging a verbal war with North Korea. President Trump has continually stated that he would act fast, fiercely, an..
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Where is President Trump on Nafta?

International affairs, in the eyes of the American public, have been a roller coaster ride since Donald Trump has taken office. The relation..
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Eleccion en Francia, Quienes son los contendentes?

Se anuncia la elección presidencial francesa al final de la primera ronda del resultado de la elección. Macron OPECIFIC Marcon), los polític..
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Congress just blocked Jeff Sessions from messing with medical marijuana

CongSectioEnlarge / Attorney General Jeff Sessions has staunchly opposed legalizing marijuana.Getty | Spencer Platt146Section 537:..
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6 Reasons U.S.-China Relations Are Headed For Trouble

In his bombshell book “Destined for War,” which is soon to be released, Harvard professor Graham Allison offers what can only be described a..
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I remember some family members moving to Venezuela back in the 70’s. They farmed and enjoyed a good life. An oil Rich country that thrived ..
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Ding Dong the Wretch is Dead!

Ding Dong the Wretch is Dead!Ding dong the wretch is deadSweet revenge for those who fledding dong the wretch Fidel is deadYesterday, the C..
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Jaws Clench as Hands Shake

This photo of Barak Obama and Donald Trump shaking hands today in their first meeting since the election says it all.Their hands may be sha..
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Who among us predicted the outcome of the presidential election correctly? I dare say, precious few. I don’t think even the Don himself tho..
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