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Google Getting Blockchain Tech?

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has quietly been acquiring and investing in startups with blockchain expertise and is working on a rela..
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Twitter Quitter

Michael Coates, Twitter's chief information security officer is quitting the social media platform to start his own company, The Verge..
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Zuckerberg Talks About Scandal

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologized for how the social media giant handled the fallout from the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, CNN ..
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5 Advantages of Using Dedicated Cloud Server Hosting

All types of businesses, whether large or small, face many challenges in their day-to-day life, such as hosting their websites, servers, and..
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How to Build a Dating App like Tinder… only Better

Everyone’s on dating apps these days – it’s a common practice of finding a kindred soul or life partner. And yet… everyone agrees: dating ap..
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Alfa Chemistry Launches Featured Biomaterials Products

On March 10, 2018, Alfa Chemistry, a leading chemical company located in New York, announced to launch a wide range of biomaterials pro..
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US DEVCO, Inc - Software Development Miami

Software Development, ERP Consulting and Staffing Firm. US Devco LLC is based in Miami, FL. It will provide services like Software deve..
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Why is Fracking Controversial?

Why Is Fracking Controversial? 10 Claims that Help Us Understand Natural Gas Drilling ControversyBlog/ By Alex Harris
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Tech's Ethical Responsibility

In an article posted in LinkedIn, World Bank President Jim Kim said, “Everyone in the world could have access to broadband by 2025.” Mr. K..
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Responsive Website Designing and Development Company In Rohini

If there is ultimate need for web deigning services then connect with Nebula InfoTech, a website development company situated in Rohini n..
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Blackberry Giving Facebook a Black Eye

BlackBerry wanted to be friends with Facebook, so for several years they pursued dialogue in settling a patent infringement claim, but now ..
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UBER on the Road Without Drivers

According to The Verge, Uber Freight is now delivering cargo for customers in Arizona, , using a mix of conventional and self-driving truck..
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Beijing to NY in 2 hours – Hypersonic Flight

A team of researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have tested a hypersonic plane in a wind tunnel to speeds of Mach 7, or 5,600 mile..
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Amazon Kicking Out Nest

Amazon has decided to not offer Google-owned Nest's newest smart home products, marking the latest battle in an escalating war between..
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Artificial Intelligence In Sports

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the computer science capability that allows technology to imitate intelligent human behavior such as ..
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Facebook pulls violent virtual reality games from CPAC booth after Parkland

Facebook pulled violent virtual reality games, including one in which players pretend to shoot people in a train station, from its booth a..
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Five Perks of Doing Your Undergraduate Degree Abroad

The most perplexing situation in students’ life is to decide their college once their school days are over. Some might want to stay in their..
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No Mo’ Miitomo

Nintendo has announced the closure of Miitomo, which it launched in 2016 as its first foray into smartphone gaming. The app was a "soc..
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American Casting and Manufacturing Corporation

American Casting and Manufacturing is a New York based, family-owned manufacturing company, that produces high-quality customizable sec..
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Ford Investing Billions in Electric Vehicles by 2022

Ford says it will boost its investment in electric vehicles to $11billion in the next five years, more than doubling a previous commitment...
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