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Chinese robot becomes world's first machine to pass medical exam

A robot has passed the written test of China's national medical licensing examination, an essential entrance exam for doctors, making it..
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Resume Formats for Success

The resume is the first and the most quintessential part of applying for a job, because of the former property. And also, cause it is the fi..
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Techie Gift Ideas

What do you get for the techie in your life who has everything but wants even more? Here’s a couple of the latest—and supposedly hottest—i..
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Tech Stocks Lead in Market Rise

Up, up and away! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no! It’s Super Stocks—tech stocks that is—helping to lead the way ever upward. Technology stoc..
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Job-Related Call From In-House HR Department and Consultants, Differences and Approach!

With the advent of technology, finding a job has metamorphosized into various strategies and moves one can make to ultimately find their pla..
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Wi-Fi for all. Why Not?!

Have you ever been in a location where you couldn’t get Internet service on your phone when you really wanted it? Remember how angry or fr..
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Star Trek Travel

The field of condensed-matter physics encompasses all new solid and liquid phases of matter, and its study has led to nearly every technol..
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Top Reasons to an MBA degree

1.Create extremely valuable managerial skillsA MBA training is generally sought after by young experts with at least two years of work unde..
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Jelly Phone – Sweet Turns Sour

The Chinese tech firm, Unihertz, claimed the battery on its palm-sized Jelly Phone would last up to 3 days. It turns out the only way that ..
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Project Loon helping Puerto Ricans Reach Out

Puerto Ricans are getting a lift in their cell phone communications and access to the Internet through their cell phones thanks to balloon..
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8 accessories that will instantly upgrade your smartphone camera

Chona Kasinger September 28, 2017The best camera you have is the one you that’s always with you. From lens attachments with brilliant o..
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Hate yard work? 8 ways to achieve a smarter yard

Last April Fool's Day, Google announced its latest product: the Google Gnome. This “smart” lawn ornament was advertised as being ca..
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Chery, Great Wall rev up for global drive

Chinese carmakers used to turn up at major shows to raise their international profiles.But now, it seems they have more practical aims as th..
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solar photovoltaic

Solar panels absorb the sunlight as a source of energy to generate electricity or heat.A photovoltaic&nbs..
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Huawei to launch Mate 10 armed with new AI-enhanced chipset

 Chinese telecom giant Huawei will launch Mate 10 smartphone powered by Kirin 970, a new chipset with built-in artificial-intelligenc..
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What is Alumina Ceramic Product

Alumina ceramic parts will be applied to a lot of industrial production occasions, which fully demonstrates that ceramic parts have many s..
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You can tell this robot vacuum where not to clean—and that’s why it’s awesome

Neato’s “No-Go” Lines keep your robot vacuum from making a bigger mess than it can clean up.Neato, the makers of our favorite smart robot ..
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What we learned from the Roku IPO filing: It needs ads

OS ANGELES — Streaming TV has so far served to make just Netflix and a handful of others very rich.The Roku player, originally designed t..
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How It Feels to Work with React Native If You're an Android Developer

React Native has become quite popular among mobile developers recently, so I just couldn’t resist the urge to get acquainted with this frame..
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Sophia, an Amazing and Sexy Robot

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of meeting her at the ITU-UN AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva Switzerland, she is an amazing robot...
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