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1950 Svenska Cupen

1950 Svenska Cupen

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1950 Svenska Cupen
Country  Sweden
Teams 32
Champions AIK
Runners-up Helsingborgs IF
Matches played 31

Svenska Cupen 1950 was the tenth season of the main Swedish football Cup. A significant achievement was made by third division Fagerviks GF who reached the semi-finals before their winning sequence came to an end. The competition was concluded on 23 July 1950 with the Final, held at Råsunda Stadium, Solna in Stockholms län. AIK won 3-2 against Helsingborgs IF before an attendance of 14,154 spectators.[1]

Preliminary round

For other results see SFS-Bolletinen - Matcher i Svenska Cupen.

First round

For other results see SFS-Bolletinen - Matcher i Svenska Cupen.

Second round

The 8 matches in this round were played on 2 July 1950.


The 4 matches in this round were played on 9 July 1950.


The semi-finals in this round were played on 16 July 1950.


The final was played on 23 July 1950 at the Råsunda Stadium.


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