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41st Guldbagge Awards

41st Guldbagge Awards

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41st Guldbagge Awards
Date 30 January 2006
Site The Göteborg Opera, Gothenburg[1]
Hosted by Lena Endre[1]
Best Picture Nina's Journey
Most awards Nina's Journey &
Tjenare kungen (2)
Most nominations Mouth to Mouth (7)
Television coverage
Network SVT

The 41st Guldbagge Awards ceremony, presented by the Swedish Film Institute, honored the best Swedish films of 2005, and took place on 30 January 2006. Nina's Journey directed by Lena Einhorn was presented with the award for Best Film.[2]

Winner and nominees


Ulf Malmros, Best Director winner
Maria Lundqvist, Best Actress winner
Krister Henriksson, Best Actor winner
Best Shortfilm
Best Achievement

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