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Commendation for Distinguished Service

Commendation for Distinguished Service

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Commendation for Distinguished Service

Insignia and ribbon
Awarded by Australia
Type Medal
Eligibility Members of the Australian Defence Force
Awarded for "the distinguished performance of duties in warlike operations to members of the Australian Defence Force" [1]
Status Currently awarded
Established 15 January 1991
First awarded 1993
Last awarded 2017 Australia Day Honours
Total awarded 379
Order of Wear
Next (higher) Commendation for Brave Conduct[1]
Next (lower) War medals, campaign medals, active service medals and service medals[1]
Related Distinguished Service Cross
Distinguished Service Medal

The Commendation for Distinguished Service is a military decoration awarded to personnel of the Australian Defence Force, it is awarded for the distinguished performance of duties in warlike operations. The Commendation for Distinguished Service was introduced in 1991 and replaced its Imperial equivalent, Mention in Despatches. It is the third level of distinguished service decoration in the Australian Honours System.


  • The insignia of the Commendation for Distinguished Service is a central Federation Star on a nickel-silver row of flames that taper at each end.
  • The insignia is attached to an ochre-red ribbon.

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