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Coppa Sergio Valci

Coppa Sergio Valci

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Coppa Sergio Valci
Organising body Federazione Vaticanese Giuoco Calcio
Founded 1985; 33 years ago (1985)
Region Vatican City
Number of teams 8
Domestic cup(s) Supercoppa
Current champions Santos (1st title)
Most successful club(s) Dirseco (5 titles)

Coppa Sergio Valci is the annual men's domestic round-robin association football cup competition in Vatican City.[1]


The Vatican cup competition known as the Coppa ACDV was created in 1985. It was renamed the Coppa Sergio Valci in 1994 honoring long-time Vatican employee and FA president Sergio Valci. Since 2007, the Coppa Sergio Valci winners compete against the winners of the Campeonato della Citta Vaticano, the Vatican's football league, for the Supercoppa.[1][2][3]


Season Champions
Coppa ACDV
1985 Teleposte
1986 SS Hermes[nb 1]
1987 Associazione S.S. Pietro e Paolo
1988 Servizi Tecnici
1989 Teleposte
1990 Teleposte
1991 Servizi Tecnici
1992 Dirseco
1993 Dirseco
Coppa Sergio Valci
1994 Dirseco
1995 Teleposte
1996–2006 Unknown
2007 Pantheon
2008 SS Hermes
2009 SS Hermes
2010 Dirseco
2011 Telefoni SCV
2012 Dirseco
2013 Fortitudo 2007
2014 San Pietro Team
2015 Musei Vaticani
2016 Santos
2017 Rappresentativa OPBG


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  1. ^ later renamed Musei Vaticani

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