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Ευρύχου (Greek)
Evrihu (Turkish)
Location in Cyprus
Coordinates: 35°02′N 32°54′E / 35.033°N 32.900°E / 35.033; 32.900Coordinates: 35°02′N 32°54′E / 35.033°N 32.900°E / 35.033; 32.900
Country  Cyprus
District Nicosia District
Population (2001)
 • Total 819
Time zone UTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST) UTC+3 (EEST)

Evrychou (Greek: Ευρύχου, Turkish: Evrihu) is a village in Cyprus. It is located in the Nicosia District and the agricultural centre of the "Solea" region located about 50 km south-west of Nicosia and 30 km from mount Troodos.

Geography and climate

Evrychou is located in Nicosia District and it is the agricultural centre of the "Solea" region. It is located about 50 km south-west of Nicosia and 30 km from mount Troodos. The village is built at the east bank of the Karkotis (or Klarios) River, at an average altitude of 440 metres. The climate of the region is typically Mediterranean and so the cultivations found around the village vary from fruit-bearing trees (mainly apple, pear, plum, apricot, and peach trees) to citrus-trees, almond and olive trees. There are also cultivations of vines, vegetables and cereals.


Year Population
1982 977
2001 819

Transportation and nearest places

Evrychou is connected by road to Kato Flasou (about 3 km) in the north-east, to Temvria (about 2 km) in the south-west, and to Korakou (about 2 km) in the west. The Nicosia -- Troodos road connects the village both with the capital as well as with the mountainous resorts of Troodos.


Evrychou has a Regional Elementary School, a High School (Gymnasio & Lykeio Soleas), a Senior High School, a Fire Station, a Health Centre, a Police Station, an office of the Game & Fauna Department, and a branch of the Nicosia District Agricultural Office. Furthermore, the Metropolitan Bishop of Morfou has transferred his temporary headquarters in the village after the 1974 Turkish Invasion. The Morfou Diocese was transferred to Evrychou and is housed in the premises of the Old Elementary School after it was renovated and some new apartments were added. Since old times, a regional office of the Department of Land & Surveys and a Court operated and still operate until today.

Evrychou was the western terminus of the Cyprus Government Railway from 14 June 1915. It operated until 31 December 1931, when the last five miles of the railway were abandoned. The building of Evrychou station was later used as a sanitary centre, and then as a forest worker dormitory. In the recent years the station and its surroundings were rebuilt to become the Cyprus Railway Museum. The old station building was renovated and a total of about 100 meters of new tracks were laid in 2010-2012, and a new shelter was built for a restored wagon and a hand-powered trolley along informative posters about their past. The museum finally opened in November, 2014.


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The church of Saint Marina built in 1872

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