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Mathematics, Civics and Sciences Charter School

Mathematics, Civics and Sciences Charter School

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Mathematics, Civics and Sciences Charter School
447 N Broad Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19123
United States
Coordinates 39°57′40″N 75°09′42″W / 39.961077°N 75.161633°W / 39.961077; -75.161633Coordinates: 39°57′40″N 75°09′42″W / 39.961077°N 75.161633°W / 39.961077; -75.161633
School type Charter
Established 1999
CEEB code 393327
Principal Charles Baltimore
CAO Veronica Joyner
Staff 63[1]
Teaching staff 66[1]
Grades 1–12

1020 (as of 2016)

School colour(s) Blue, White
Mascot Elephant

The Mathematics, Civics and Sciences Charter School (MCSCS) is a charter school serving students in grades 1–12 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Founded in 1999, the school is located in the Center City neighborhood and had a 100% graduation rate in 2015-2016.[3]


The Mathematics, Civics and Sciences Charter School opened in 1999 with over 720 students in grades first through twelfth, adding a grade every year for 4 years.[1]


The school is led by a Chief Administrative Officer and a principal. A six-member Board of Trustees meets with the CAO and principal regularly.


The school is located in Center City, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities offered at the school include cheerleading, exercise, sewing, public speaking, Mock Trial, and debating and choir.[citation needed]


MCSCS has no gym or other athletic facility, so most practice and games take place at a local YMCA near Girard, not owned by the school. The school basketball team is known as the Elephants, named after the school mascot, an African Elephant. The school currently has no other athletic programs.[citation needed]


The school uses a back-to-basics curriculum. Students in grades 5 through 12 are required to select a school-to-college course of study; current selections are Law, Medical, Education, Computer Science, and Accounting.

As of 2015, the school offers AP courses.


The Mathematics, Civics and Sciences Charter School was named one of the top 10 schools in Philadelphia, including public and charter schools.[citation needed] Also, every Thursday, the school participates in its self-created Homeless Project, in which the CAO and several students go out and feed and clothe homeless citizens of Philadelphia.[4]


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