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Type of site
News site
Available in Russian, Ukrainian
Owner Vladimir Gusinsky
Alexa rank 1,329 (April 2014)[1]
Commercial Yes
Registration Free/Subscription
Launched August 28, 2000
Current status Active

NEWSru is a Russian online news sites.[2] Originally it functioned as NTV's website under the address The site remains part of Vladimir Gusinsky's media holding.

Yelena Bereznitskaya-Bruni replaced the initial Editor in Chief Igor Barchugov in 2001. The network has a head office in Moscow, Russia and two foreign posts. The network set up editorial offices in Israel and Ukraine.


The change of ownership at NTV was followed by a redesign of the news site which remained with the former NTV owner Vladimir Gusinsky.[3][4]

In April 2001 the TV channel became part of OAO Gazprom Media.[5][6]

In October 2002 the news site moved to another domain name,[7][8] and the original domain has been transferred to the broadcasting company under the mutual arrangement.


Besides the basic site, the NEWSru service owns a number of special interest news sites.

Among defunct projects is, devoted in due time to Russian presidential election, 2004.[9]


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