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Regional Amateur Football Groups (Bulgaria)

Regional Amateur Football Groups (Bulgaria)

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Regional Amateur Football Groups
Founded 1998; 20 years ago (1998)
Country  Bulgaria
Number of teams 300+
Level on pyramid 4 and 5
Promotion to Third League
Domestic cup(s) Cup of Bulgarian AFL

The Bulgarian Regional Amateur Football Groups (Bulgarian: Областни Аматьорски Футболни Групи) are the 4th and 5th level of the Bulgarian football league system. There are 41 groups called A Regional Football Groups and 19 B Regional Football Groups.[1] Teams from B RFG are promoted to A RFG and A RFG teams are promoted to Third League.

Competition format

A RFG (or A OFG) has 28 regional geographically specified divisions, as some of the regions have more than one group. 28 teams are promoted to Third League at the end of every season. there are 9 B RFG (or B OFG) divisions registered for season 2015-16. Every region decides how many groups it will have since it depends on how many teams want to join.


A Regional Football Groups

B Regional Football groups

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