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Schuylkill Yards

Schuylkill Yards

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Schuylkill Yards
Location West Philadelphia (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Status Proposed
Groundbreaking Q3 2016
Estimated completion 2036
Website Schuylkill Yards site
Architect SHoP Architects
West 8
Developer Brandywine Realty Trust
Drexel University
Technical details
Cost US$3.5 billion
  • 3101 Market (1,095 ft)
  • 3125 JFK Blvd (670 ft)
  • 3001 Chestnut (515 ft)
  • 3151 JFK Blvd (435 ft)
  • 3000 Market (425 ft)
Size 14 acres (5.7 ha)

Schuylkill Yards is a proposed development project for West Philadelphia. The project was announced in a press conference in March 2016.[1] The project is being designed by SHoP Architects and West 8. The development will include six buildings, with groundbreaking to occur in 2016.[2]

Schuylkill Yards is the first step in a broader plan for the area around the Drexel University campus and 30th Street Station, which is being planned with Skidmore, Owings & Merrill.[3][4][5][6]


The project was announced on March 2, 2016, in a press conference by Drexel University president John Fry. This was followed by an announcement in The Philadelphia Inquirer.[7]

Usage and design

The development will include approximately five to six million square feet that will be split between residential, commercial, retail, and laboratory spaces.

The redevelopment is being designed by SHoP Architects, with exterior spaces by West 8. SHoP has designed other large-scale projects, mostly in New York City.[8] These include the Domino Sugar Factory redevelopment,[9] Essex Crossing,[10] and Pacific Park.[11]

The design reveals multiple public spaces, each with their own distinct characteristics. A 1.3-acre plot (currently the parking lot at One Drexel Plaza) will become an elliptical lawn and the center of Schuylkill Yards. NY-based SHoP Architects and West 8 landscape architecture firm have designed the master sites.

If built, 3101 Market would be the second tallest building in Philadelphia, or the third tallest if 2901 Arch Street of the 30th Street Station District is built.

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Coordinates: 39°57′18″N 75°11′10″W / 39.9551°N 75.1860°W / 39.9551; -75.1860

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