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Smotrych River

Smotrych River

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Ukrainian: Смотрич
The Smotrych River seen near the historic city of Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine.
Country Ukraine
Oblast Khmelnytskyi Oblast
City Kamianets-Podilskyi
Length 169 km (105 mi)
Basin 1,800 km2 (695 sq mi)
Official name Lower Smotrych River
Designated 29 July 2004
Reference no. 1401[1]

The Smotrych River (Ukrainian: Смотрич, Polish: Smotrycz) is a left tributary of the Dniester, flowing through the Podillia upland of western Ukraine. Its length is 169 km (105 mi), and its drainage basin covers 1,800 km² (694 m²). The average width of the river is 10–15 meters wide, and at one point exceeds 40 m.

There are a couple cities and towns located on the river: Kamianets-Podilskyi, Smotrych.

Etymology and name of others language

English :Smotrych River Chinese:斯莫特里奇河 Ukrainian:Смотрич Russian:Смотрич


Smotrych River [Smotryč]. (Map: Smotrych River.) A left-bank tributary of the Dniester River that flows southward for 168 km through Khmelnytskyi Oblast and drains a basin area of 1,800 sq km. With a width of 10–15 m (40 m at its widest point), the river is particularly notable for its tall banks, which give it a ravinelike appearance. It is used for water supply, irrigation, and fishing. A small hydroelectric station is situated on it, as well as the city of Kamianets-Podilskyi and the town of HorodokKhmelnytskyi Oblast).


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Coordinates: 48°33′51″N 26°38′16″E / 48.5642°N 26.6378°E / 48.5642; 26.6378

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