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Tikhiy Don (train)

Tikhiy Don (train)

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The Tikhiy Don at Rostov-Glavny railway station, Rostov-on-Don.

Tikhiy Don (Russian: Ти́хий Дон, lit. 'Quiet Don') is a Russian sleeper train connecting Rostov-on-Don and Moscow.[1]


Tikhiy Don train banner

The Tikhiy Don runs from the Rostov-Glavny station in Rostov-on-Don to Kazansky Rail Station in Moscow. It started its first regular service in January 1966. The total distance is 1,223 kilometres (760 mi), and it takes about eighteen hours to travel through it (in one direction). The train banner is similar to the flag of Rostov Oblast.[2]


Till June, 1st, 2009 the train Tikhiy Don carried out passenger transportations together with the train Ataman Platov named after Russian Cossack general Matvei Platov.

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