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Yakutian Railway

Yakutian Railway

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Yakutian Railway
Якутская железная дорога
Dmitry Medvedev on the opening of the railway in 2011.
Locale  Russia, Yakutia
Dates of operation 1995–
Predecessor Amur–Yakutsk Mainline
Track gauge 1,520 mm (4 ft 11 2732 in)
Headquarters Moscow (1995—2011)
Aldan (2011—2017)
Yakutsk (2017—)
Website Press here

Yakutian Railway (Russian: Железные дороги Якутии) is a rail operator in Republic of Yakutia in Russia.[1]

Main information

50% of the company belong to Russian Railways and other 50% — to Yakutia.[2]


In 1996 operation began on the NeryungriAldan section.

In 2002, freight traffic was opened on the site Neryungri — Tommot, and in 2004 at the same site was opened for regular passenger service.

In 2006 after the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Yakutia, was signed an agreement "On the implementation of activities on organization of cargo transportation in freight cars and containers in direct communication" with which "Yakutian Railway" was officially recognized as the railway infrastructure of common use.

In 2007, 50% of the shares belong to the Russian Federation, was transferred to the ownership of Russian Railways. In the same year the specialists of the company together with the Federal tariff service was developed by the tariff guide for freight infrastructure Neryungri — Tommot.[3]

In 2009 was opened the labour movement on the plot Tommot — Amga.

In 2010 was produced stacking "Silver link" at the station Kerdem.

November 15, 2011 was the laying of the "Golden link" in the line of Berkakit — Tommot — Nizhny Bestyakh. The event was attended by President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev and the head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin. The length of line at the moment is 808 km, it was Assumed that a further step in the development of the road will be the construction of a combined road-rail bridge across the Lena river.[1]

In 2017 the line must reach Yakutsk, after the bridge across Lena River will be finished. When the line will open, the headquarters of the railway will move from Aldan to Yakutsk.[4]



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