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Mary Keitany and Daniel Wanjiru
Mary Keitany and Daniel Wanjiru

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April 27: King's Day in the Netherlands

Airbus A380 in original Airbus livery
Airbus A380

Mary Wollstonecraft (b. 1759) · Sergei Prokofiev (b. 1891) · Olivier Messiaen (d. 1992)

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Electric fire engine (left) and steam fire engine
Electric fire engine (left) and steam fire engine

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The Greencards in 2010

The Greencards are a progressive bluegrass band founded in 2003 in Austin, Texas, by Englishman Eamon McLoughlin and Australians Kym Warner and Carol Young. They relocated in 2005 to Nashville, Tennessee. Their albums include Movin' On (2003), Weather and Water, Viridian (2007), and Fascination (2009). Their sound has been compared to progressive American folk rock. Country Music Television named Weather and Water one of the ten best bluegrass albums of 2005, and The Greencards were invited to tour with Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson the same year. Viridian, a critically praised album, was number one on Billboard magazine's Bluegrass Music Chart, and was nominated for Best Country Album by the Australian Recording Industry Association. The "Mucky the Duck" track was nominated for Best Country Instrumental Performance at the 50th Grammy Awards. McLoughlin left the band in December 2009, and Carl Miner joined in May 2010. Credited with helping to expand the range of bluegrass music, they draw from Irish folk music, Romani music, rock 'n' roll, folk balladry, and Latin American musical sources. (Full article...)

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Lidder Valley

A view of the Lidder Valley at Pahalgam. This valley, found in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India, is a Himalayan sub-valley that forms the northeastern corner of the Vale of Kashmir. In the center is the Lidder River.

Photograph: KennyOMG