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Mudflow damage in Santa Barbara County, California
Mudflow damage in Santa Barbara County

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January 22: Day of Unity of Ukraine in Ukraine (1919)

Pan Am Boeing 747
Pan Am Boeing 747

John Donne (b. 1572) · Gisela Januszewska (b. 1867) · Ali Hassan Salameh (d. 1979)

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A man wearing a jean jacket
A man wearing a jean jacket

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Thermal Diffusion Process Building
Thermal Diffusion Process Building

The S-50 Project was the Manhattan Project's effort to produce enriched uranium by liquid thermal diffusion during World War II. The process was developed by Philip H. Abelson and other scientists at the United States Naval Research Laboratory, and was one of three technologies for uranium enrichment pursued by the Manhattan Project. Pilot plants were built at the Anacostia Naval Air Station and the Philadelphia Navy Yard. A facility at the Clinton Engineer Works in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, was the only production-scale liquid thermal diffusion plant ever built. It could not enrich uranium sufficiently for use in an atomic bomb, but it could begin the process of enrichment that was completed by the Y-12 calutrons and the K-25 gaseous diffusion plants. It sped up the production of enriched uranium for the Little Boy bomb used in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. This plant ceased production in September 1945, but was reopened in May 1946, and used by the Nuclear Energy for the Propulsion of Aircraft project of the US Army Air Forces before being demolished in the late 1940s. (Full article...)

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A 14th-century Korean hanging scroll in gold and color on silk depicting Kṣitigarbha, a bodhisattva primarily revered in East Asian Buddhism. He is usually shown as a Buddhist monk with a halo around his shaved head, a staff to force open the gates of hell, and a wish-fulfilling jewel to light up the darkness. In East Asian Buddhism, Kṣitigarbha is known for his vow to take responsibility for the instruction of all beings in the six worlds between the death of Gautama Buddha and the rise of Maitreya, as well as his vow not to achieve Buddhahood until all hells are emptied. He is therefore often regarded as the bodhisattva of hell-beings.

Painting: Unknown (image courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art)