How to Eat Great and Still Loose Weight

Does that sound like a title that we all should read about?  Truth is that most people, are always looking to read about eating and loosing weight and I'm no exception.  I know it can be done but with all the diets available now days you stop and wonder how does anyone start to decide which way is the easiest, fastest, and less painfull in terms of giving up food.  The truth is that we really all know what it takes.  We know that if we eat a diet too rich in fats, calories and carbs then we better be ready to burn it off.  I've had friends who go on yo-yo diets and that's really not a healthy way to loose weight.

I have really come to a conclusion that you really just need a very good nutrition class and change your way of eating without giving up the food that you love but rather incorporate healthier food to your diet and cut down on the quantities, do at least 30 minutes of excersice daily and you really should be able to keep a normal weight.  


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