How to embed youtube videos into your blog (with instructions)

Wikiomni is the best platform for sharing anything you want. A well written blog can contain pictures as a supplement but what if you would like to include a video you shot and uploaded to social media such as youtube or facebook? By simply copying and pasting a url will only render a text string and link you to the video; for example:

This can be easily overlooked or ignored because viewers will not want to open another page in their browser. Luckily, there is a method to overcome this and the steps are show below:

1. For youtube, simplying open the video and look for the share icon and copy the code.


If using facebook, and the video is public, the embed code is located here:


2. Next, you will want to go into your blog and hit the html button on the toolbar.


3. Paste the code into the space. Now hit the html button again to return the screen to continue typing.



Below is the result of your work. The video will play right inside your blog without redirecting to another page.

Tip: Volume may be loud and the show starts around 42 second mark.

Hope these instructions have been helpful; happy blogging.

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