Kaepernick Act Cowardly

 I ran across this article and found it very interesting, especially since it matches my own personal views on Kaepernick's foolishness...Alex

By Joe Bilello - Fox News

As the NFL season kicks off this week, San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick has decided that, in addition to sitting on the bench during the game, he will continue to sit during the national anthem because he will not show respect for a country that “oppresses black people.”

Kaepernick achieved brief success in the National Football League simply due to his exceptional athletic ability. But sustained success at the quarterback position in the NFL requires a certain level of intelligence that Colin Kaepernick clearly does not possess. Kaepernick's ignorance and lack of intelligence was best displayed when he showed up for a press conference to explain his protest against oppressive nations wearing a Fidel Castro T-shirt.

This is not simply about Kaepernick’s disrespect for the American national anthem. It is about the fact that his protest doesn’t make any sense to begin with. Apparently, Mr. Kaepernick is not aware that you cannot protest a problem that does not exist. You also cannot protest a problem that can never be solved because it only exists as the creation of those who want it to exist. The perception of oppression and inequality will always exist in a free society. But pointing to isolated incidents of police violence as an example of state-sanctioned oppression of minorities is absurd, to say the least.

The United States has a checkered history of racial prejudice. It also has a history of fighting against racial prejudice so that one day, a black man could make millions of dollars playing a game. In addition to a bloody civil war and an ongoing civil rights movement, the two current candidates for President of United States have essentially dedicated their campaigns to explaining how they will help America's minority communities. How's that for state-sanctioned racism and oppression?

The Bronco's Brandon Marshall joined Kaepernick in protest this past week and it is still unknown if others will disrespect the national anthem when the season opens for the majority of teams this weekend. Kaepernick has received some support via social media and his jersey sales have gone through the roof. But professional football has not historically been a bastion of left-wing progressivism. Kaepernick's protest is one that is better-suited for the MTV music awards or Grammys rather than an NFL game. But as unpopular as it may be among some in the NFL and many of its fans, it is still a "safe" protest. Standing up against perceived racism is about as safe as it gets in America today. Colin Kaepernick is not long for the NFL because he is not a very good football player. Perhaps he is more concerned about his street credit when his playing career is over, which will most likely be much sooner than later.

If Kaepernick really wanted to make a difference in this world, he is uniquely positioned to do so. The story of Colin Kaepernick, who is biracial and was given up for adoption by his biological mother and  went on to become a professional football player in the NFL, is a truly inspirational story. But the story of Colin Kaepernick is one that easily could not have been told had his mother chosen to go the route that so many young, single prospective mothers go today.

Kaepernick could've started a campaign to help change the unfortunate perception that a woman who terminates her pregnancy and ends life of her child is to be celebrated for her bravery and personal health care decisions. But a woman who gives a child to a loving family and gives them an opportunity to live a privileged life is vilified as a mother who abandoned her child.

Kaepernick's biological mother was recently chastised on social media as someone who abandoned her son. Kaepernick could ferociously defend his biological mother and start a campaign that praises women like her. He could speak out until all Planned Parenthoods offer extensive adoption counseling. He could speak out until all women see adoption as a viable alternative to abortion.

Colin Kaepernick was not abandoned by his biological mother. He was given an opportunity at life. But he was, by all accounts, abandoned by his father - an African-American man.

If Colin Kaepernick really wanted to make a difference, he could speak out against the epidemic of father-less homes in the black community. An epidemic that is almost solely responsible for all the problems that Kaepernick is blaming on "racist" America. Colin was given opportunities that many young black men do not have today because of the lack of a father figure in their home.

Mr. Kaepernick could use his influence and position of power to speak to young black men and women about the importance of fatherhood. He could speak to young black men about the importance of staying in school, working hard and doing the right thing. He could speak to them about the importance of listening to the police and authority figures. He could do all of this and actually have a positive influence in this world.

But he will not because he is a coward. Doing any of the aforementioned things won’t get him invited to any Hollywood cocktail parties when his career is over. Apparently, Mr. Kaepernick is more concerned about invitations to progressive circles than invitations to NFL training camps . What a wasted opportunity for someone who wants to make a difference in the country that has afforded him so much opportunity.

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