49ers - FAIL!!

Hail to the Cleveland Browns! They are no longer the worst team in the NFL. Yes, they are 0 – 6 and the 49ers are 1-5, but the Browns have the potential for a rosier future whereas the 49ers are down and seemingly out for the rest of the foreseeable future. The browns seem to have a good coach in Hue Jackson while San Francisco’s Chip Kelly is still highly questionable. The Browns have some young players who look like they will grow into their positions, with a couple of exceptions, the 49ers do not.

The worst, most glaring defect in the 49er’s line-up is at quarterback. Gabbert gave us a glimmer of hope in the first game against the Rams, but fell flat after that. Kaepernick was his usually horrible self in the last game.

San Francisco has been out-gained in yardage per game by an average of 143.4 yards in each of the last 5 games. That’s 7.3 yards more than the worst team record of all time. The 2008 Detroit Lions is the only team to go 0-16, and who were out-gained by 136.1 yards per game.

1. No proven coach

2. No quarterback

3. Uncompetitive

4. A seemingly confused front office

I left my heart in San Francisco and I can’t even look to baseball and the Giants to get it back.

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