Who among us predicted the outcome of the presidential election correctly? I dare say, precious few. I don’t think even the Don himself thought he would win in the fashion he did—or even win at all.

It was funny to watch the networks scrambling to adjust the tenor or their broadcasts from what they thought would be an obvious Clinton win to the reality that trumped every prognosticator they employed.

For those who are worried or even scared about what a Trump presidency may mean, realize that we didn’t just elect a king. Even his own party is casting a jaundiced eye at this victory and what it will portend. Know there are safeguards in place, there are two other branches or our government that will keep in check most of any foolishness that could come from the mogul-cum-president-elect.

And, I have to believe, even Trump’s shenanigans during his free-wheeling campaign will be more humbled and chaste—although still fiery and divisive—in his new guise as President of the United States.

Trump trumped all—even himself!

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