NRG Innovations SEMA 2016 Recap


November may be known for changing weather and the start of the holiday season but, here at NRG, it means SEMA is right around the corner. After weeks of preparation and planning, we departed for the fabolous Las Vegas for another successful Sema show. Recaps and highlights of the our stay below:

(NRG team setting up the display booth. From left: Steve, Chris, Jona, Chuck, Lulu, Merci.)

(Some more shots of our booth)

Here, we are featuring our innovative reinforced steering wheels and custom signed wheels from Formual Drift drivers Ryan Littleral andOdi Bakchis.

Hanging out with Ryan and Odi

Now for the good stuff...

Owner: Joseph Reyes: 2013 FIAT S20 Turbo(Orange/Black) IG: Boostjenner Owner: Jack Nicholas Thomas: 2013 FIAT Abrath (White/Black/Red) IG: 500t2nv

Owner: Greg Harper: 2015 Subaru BRZ(Kandy Tangelo) IG: carbon_brz

Owner: Ali Arsham: 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe ( Yellow/Gray/White)

Owner: Honda R&D Americas Inc: Civic (Red/White/Black)

Owner: Justin Malot/Stephen Davidson: 2014 Subaru WRX (Red/Black)

Thanks to everybody who showed up and stopped by; we really appreciate your support. Happy holidays to all of our supporters and we will see you again next year.



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