Aberforth and Akaltra(Part 1 of the Story)

I'm J.J.L. and I'm 8 years old. This is my first entry to my story.

Aberforth and Akaltra

Aberforth Fwitkey was a brave young man who loved to read The Story of Harry Potter 1-7and wished of becoming a wizard himself. On his eighteenth birthday he was about to go to Ilvermony Auror School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His wand was made out of holly, phoenix feather, elder, dragon blood, and elephant ivory, seventeen and a half inches long, 27 Farsoons($20) for it. On the plane to Ilvermony, he met a wizard named Akaltra. They soon became best friends. The teachers were the headmaster, Sendri Cackleturn, Professor Muriel, Professor Fennli, Mr. Zon, Mrs. Fifu, and Dr. Despard. During the start of term feast, Headmaster Sendri Cackleturn said something about watching out for Seruvus Vestain, a Dark Lord. Finally, the Sorting began. “Fastor Avas!”


Aberforth Fenki Fwitkey!”


The phoenixes cheered.

Akaltra Voldemort Riddilikus!”


2 YEARS LATER, Aberforth had not heard from Akaltra in a year. Suddenly he saw an article about Akaltra raising an army against the Order of Bellechenezang Isle Magic. He knew what he had to do, he had to stop his friend from destroying the Order. He took his wand and set of to the Ferrington Forest to find Akaltra. He found him in a clearing in the center of the forest and told her to return to the good side. In reply he got an Impediment Jinx he had to dodge.



Expecto Patronum”

Avada Kedavra!”




Accio Wand!”



Petrificus Totalus!”

Akaltra’s body snapped together. “I regret it, Seruvus Akaltra Voldemort Riddilikus Vestrain.”

C-curse you Aberforth James Fenki Fwitkey Potter!”

You are the descendant of Tom Marvolo Riddle, and I’m the descendant of Harry James Potter. Why were we friends when our great-great-grandfathers were enemies? It is long past the time of the famous Harry Potter, but why should we stop enmity, the enmity of Potter and Riddle? Avada Kedavra!” Akaltra fell at his feet. “Our great-great- grandfathers were the most bitter of enemies,you were not born directly from him, but his new last name which survived extinction. I have covered you from the sight of the Order for 1 year and this is how you repay the phoenix who helped you? You repay me, the great-great-grandson of the Gryffindor who killed your great-great-grandfather and who helped you anyways by raising an army against me and trying to kill me? Perhaps you need some psychology studies? You may think that if you die before me your dementors may finish the job, but my Patronus is here and I believe you would have used yours.The Order, I shall tell to them that you are dead at my hands, you are the much feared Seruvus Vestrain, that our tradition has not changed from our ancestry. Your wand here of yew, elder, phoenix feather and dragon heartstring, fourteen inches long, is closely related to the wand of yew and phoenix feather, thirteen and a half inches long. Our ancestors’ war was so hateful that it cannot be broken today. I will bring your wand to Order headquarters to be examined. I believe for now, we must say farewell and goodbye forever, unless I have recovered the Ressurection Stone. The third Hallow is in my hands and will always be. Goodbye and farewell forever.” Then he left.

Fourteen years later, Aberforth received a letter from the Order.

'We thank you for your allegiance to the Order by destroying the much feared and long dead Seruvus Akaltra Voldemort Riddilikus Vestrain. Also, thank you for the information and wand, they exceptionally helped us well about understanding more of Dark Magic. We hope to see you again.

Until we meet once more,


Fiction Story By "J.J.L."

For introduction go to www.pottermore.com

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