Diamond and Gold, Comparing Worth

Is Diamond Worth More Than Gold?

As a matter of fact, diamond is worth more than gold. Why? That is because diamond, as a mineral, or crystal, is already worth about $5,000 in cash. Gold, is worth about $5,500. Yes, I believe you are asking,”But gold is $500 more than diamond, so why is it more priceless?”. Well, I’ll tell you why, diamond is the hardest identified object on Earth so that adds another $2,000 to the price. Understand now? $7,000 to $5,500, diamond is approximately $1,500 more than gold.Diamond can be used to make bullets, swords, spears, shields, hammers, machines, buildings, etc. But gold can only be treasured, traded, perhaps make arches, etc. in houses, or worn. Also, since diamond can be used to make objects, that adds another $50 to the price. Gold may seem like treasure, but always consider the possibilities of richer objects.

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