Blueprint for Successful living in 2017

Blueprint for Successful living in 2017

Ring in the new year with a commitment to reaching higher ground. Embrace the concept of Constant Continual Improvement. This means striving to be a better person today than you were yesterday; better this year than the last.
To help with this idea, the following is a list of ways to accomplish this. Remember what I’ve written before. We don’t get to choose whether we will be contagious in our daily interactions. We will infect those around us with our mindset. We can be either positive or negative. Let’s choose to be positively contagious in this new year!

1. Pursue each day. The more we are aggressively proactive in the planning and the anticipation of our day, the less reactive we will have to be. Being reactive is good, it means thinking on your feet, there will always be opportunities we encounter that require us to be ready in an instant. But the more we proactively plan and anticipate our days, the better we will be in our days.

2. Pursue each day with a positive mental attitude. An attitude that spills over those you encounter. Smile, laugh, be upbeat, and always leave them laughing. It not only uplifts and inspires others, it brightens your day.

3. Pursue each day with a positive mental attitude and an anticipation of your Daily Divine Appointments. We all have chances each day to touch someone else’s life with kindness, thoughtfulness, patience and love. Look for them, take time for them, and pray for the wisdom to react appropriately with empathy and wisdom.

4. Pursue each day with a positive mental attitude and an anticipation of your Daily Divine Appointments with gratitude for the blessings and challenges you’ve had in your life. We are the culmination of our drives, desires, and circumstances. Our blessings motivate and inspire us. But our challenges can do exactly the same. They are difficult while we go through them, but what happens to us mentally afterwards is a choice we can make for the good in us. Use the challenges of life to motivate and inspire you to better, stronger living in your body and your mind. The more we do, the better we will be, and the more positively we will benefit those we touch.

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