Deathe, Nature, and Life

Jonathan Zhao walked around his room then summoned elders Gong Yuenyi and Yue to the palace. He was already the Great Elder but he decided that he wanted suggestions from the High Elders. He also summoned the rest of the elders, royal advisors, generals, commanders- in-chief, commanders, legionnaires, centurions, dukes, duchesses, and counselors to the throne room for a meeting with the emperor and the emperjor, the person who assists the emperor and takes care of state and province affairs. Soon all of the people assigned by the emperor were inside the throne room and either sitting or standing

I am very sad to say that the prophecy of the Great High Emperor of Chen has begun. The Dark Lord has risen.”, said the emperor.

But fortunately the hero who will destroy the Dark Lord is already born,” continued the emperor but the emperjor finished, “and he is right here in this throne room, Great Elder Jonathan Zhao!”

But,” said the emperor, speaking again, “The Dark Lord has already taken over the State of Annuvin and the province of Erghouta. I ask you all to be on your guard and for information please see the the emperjor. Protection will be supplied by the monks of Hiran Temple. Now let us turn to the Great Elder on how the new regime in the southwest will affect the Chen reign and the casualties we are taking to prevent the Dark Lord’s reign from spreading.”

We are doing our best to protect you from Sarklammen Aki, who is styling himself as Lord Sarklemmen. (Many people shuddered at the name.) He is currently on his way to rising to the power of the feared Lord Voldemort, perhaps stronger. I ask you to please follow the safety measures the leaflets supplied by the emperjor suggest. I myself will be going around casting enchantments on the borders of our empire. This is crucial due to the fact that even the Thestral Order has suffered losses. (People moaned.) This is all we have to say for now. Stay alert. Stay safe.”

As people filed out of the throne room the emperjor started passing out leaflets on safety measures that should be taken and Jonathan Zhao Disapparated to the countryside where he started casting defensive charms.

Fidelio, Protego Totalum, Protego Horribilis, Piertotum Locomotor, Salvio Hexia, Repello Muggletum,  Akanamanse, Cave Inimicum, Dementorealis Spawnio, Invisibilito.”, he started, then started doing nonverbal spells.

There! That should hold him off long enough for us to reinforce the breached defenses, even if they Apparate. I’d better be getting back to the castle it’s already 8:36.” and he Disapparated.

The next day the emperor awoke to find the emperjor standing over him with a small breakfast. He soon learned what was going on. The Dark Lord was breaching the southern defenses. All of his available men had gone out to fight, including the Great Elder. He dressed quickly in his Kandominion armor and went off to fight with the emperjor following.

Lord Sarklammen watched the fighting from the top of his stronghold. Suddenly a Killing Curse, then another, then another flew towards him. He deflected them all and looked for the source. A man rose into the the air. The Great Elder of Askima, The one who it was prophesied to defeat him. They started dueling, flying and firing spells in the general direction of the enemy, for all the smoke made it impossible to see exactly where the enemy was. Finally, the smoke cleared. Both sides had suffered heavy losses but the Askimans had held their ground and the Death Eaters, along with the red warriors, were retreating.

Later that day, the Thestral Order had a meeting with the black warriors of the Black Empire. Also, all the executioner squads, counselors, elders, advisers, Kandominions, shoguns, and delegates from Termia in the west attended. They were there to discuss the way of battle against the Death Eaters, the red warriors, and the Dark Army. All of their men would have no chance at killing Lord Sarklammen, but they could demolish his forces and strongholds enough to leave a clear field for Jonathan Zhao.

The Death Eaters are advancing on Ava Canten, the red warriors are attacking Becklammen, and the Dark Army is preparing an assault on our southern defenses once more.”, said a delegate from Termia.

We will prepare a defense in Becklammen and the executioner squads will reinforce the defenses in the south.”, a black warrior said.

The emperor and I,” began Jonathan Zhao, “will attack the Death Eaters and press on to destroy their strongholds and we will meet you in the Annuvin, where we will force them to Avaski.”

So the plan was made thus. But it would take longer to push the enemies out of the hills, even when Jonathan Zhao was replaced so he could become the Eternal Shikiaki, the last eternal and their avenger against the Elehadins, who took their power to become demigods,and also destroyed the ancient Immortals, who were close relatives to the Eternals.

1 YEAR AND 3 MONTHS LATER,“Finally, we meet again!”, cried out the emperjor.

Yes,” replied Jonathan Zhao, “and now we must continue our assault to drive our enemies to Avaski.”

If you say so, Great Elder.”

No, I am Great Elder no longer, Gong Yuenyi is.”

Have you been promoted or moved down?”

Neither, I have changed into the Eternal Shikaki.”

You are the last Eternal?”

Yes, and in our journey here I have also found the last Immortal Kimjia.”

Fascinating, did you hear about the Elehadins fleeing to the White Kingdom?”

Yes, we need fear them no more, for as long as an Immortal and an Eternal stand, they are powerless.”

If so, then Deathe, Nature, and Life must be here.”

They are,” said another unrecognized voice, deep and cold. Another deep but warm voice said, “The Eternal is Nature and the prophecy of Deathe is true.”

Then, from the shadows, emerged Deathe and Life, cloaked in black, for Death and white, for Life. Suddenly, Jonathan Zhao’s robes turned green and everyone else recited the prophecy:

The last Eternal and the last Immortal shall rise, to avenge their kinsmen and defeat the Dark Lord. They will be helped along by Deathe, Nature, and Life. With their armies they shall purge Askima, Termia, and Avaski of all evil, which will be trapped in the realm of the Underworld, where it shall slowly die. More than eighteen quintillon men shall die in this fray though, their names forgotten and weapons blunted and rusty. The last Eternal and Immortal approaches in the State of Annuvin, where the Dark Lord’s anger will surpass outrage point, in which he will kill more than thirty thousand people alone.

They will come, tonight at sunset, the rise of a better hope than the one prophesied.

They added after they finished with the prophecy a line of monologue, “Long live the holy men!” and celebrated all the night, forgetting entirely of driving Lord Sarklammen into Avaski.

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