There was once a land called Avaska. There were three regions in this land. One was under the rule of the Nahotsk in the east. Another was a wasteland called the Mountains of Deathe and a legend had grown up around it saying that there was a gateway to the Otherworld in the Mountains of Deathe. The last was a land under the rule of the Shakali people, who were constantly warring with the Nahotsk.. The Nahotsk were under an imperial regime and the Shakali people the famous Nashhyyk Order, a group of skilled fighters from the destroyed planet of Nashhyyk. This story is about a young Nashhyyk who fights bravely in battle commanding his officers expertly, eventually becoming a member of the Nashhyyk Order. This boy was called Kalazi.

The people of Avaska were humanoids, but the Nashhyyk were aliens that had the bodies of a human, tusks growing from their mouths like an elephant’s, red and gray eyes that symbolized their strength, and could live for over 4,000 years. Their traditional dress was the green, white, and black warrior robes and they wore black and white masks to shield their face. Their most common nickname were the black warriors. Now, in the house of Akanamanse, Kalazi practiced with his dightsaber…

Kalazi! Dinnertime!”, Kalazi’s mom shouted.

Yes, mother.”, replied Kalazi, walking into the room in his new warrior robes. He was now the general of 14 legionnaires, even though he was only twenty years old! Suddenly an officer clad in Kandominion armor knocked on the door and said, “General Akanamanse! You’re needed at the front! The Nahotsk are assaulting the northeastern defenses!”

Tell the defenders to hold on! I’ll fly there as soon as I can!” shouted Kalazi. He boarded his Starfighter Z-Destroyer 1200 with his troops and turned on the engines. They blasted off into hyperspace.

They materialized behind the northeastern defenders who were still battling to save the fortress. Kalazi drew his dightsaber and leaped into battle, his legions following. Ten people challenged him at once. With the skill of a black warrior, he defeated them all, fighting his way through the fray. Everyone cheered when the ships of the Nashhyyk Order arrived to finish off the Nahotsk. The Nahotsk retreated to stabilize their own defenses. Everybody celebrated that night except for Kalazi. Kalazi needed to complete his experiences as a general to become a black warrior. He drew a picture made out  of fire in the air to entertain himself. Finally he decided to finish his last duties as a general for the day. He checked in on the ninja spies, met with the Samurai EX, and went to go meet the Head of the Nashhyyk Order, Ifanza Alanka. Then, at eight-thirty, he fell asleep in his bed.

DANNNNNNGGGGGGGG! Kalazi woke up at the sound of the camp gong. He quickly dressed in his robes and mail armor. When he walked outside, he couldn’t believe it! The camp walls were on fire and surrounded by Nahotsk troops. Their own troopers had fallen back due to sheer numbers. They were all outnumbered twelve to one. Kalazi used his elemental powers to put out the fire and the camp’s forces were able to rally again. Kalazi drew his dightsaber and plunged into the fighting, holding them off until reinforcements came.

Kalazi awoke, eager and full of energy on the day he was to be dubbed the Head of the Nashhyyk Order. He walked into the Great Hall thinking about what to do with the Nahotsk when he saw rows upon rows of Nashhyyks coming to see their new leader. A monk stood on one side of a throne on the other end of the room and the Samurai EX stood on the right side. He walked up to the throne and when he started to climb the steps the monk began to say:

To all in this room hail the new Head of the Nashhyyk Order!”

Everyone bowed respectfully as Kalazi sat on the throne, his hood pulled down and his titanium chinese style armor gleamed. He looked around at the crowd and said, “My first words in my reign are, let us have a feast in honor of the coronation ceremony!”

Long live the Great Sage Kalazi Onahomaka Akanamanse!”, replied the crowd.

Kalazi had moved up to the position of Great Elder, the Great Sage and Head of the Nashhyyk Order’s instructor. The Nahotsk were besieging the town of Townshend, a major trading post. He ordered the Nashhyyk Order to launch a counterattack, Mission Offensive. They pushed the Nahotsk away from Townshend but didn’t get them out of the Shakali region. The armies of Shakali arrived to relive the Nashhyyk Order and pushed them out of Shakali. Kalazi’s robes were stained red with blood so he had to put them through the clothes cleaner twice. Even so, the troubles of Shakali were not over yet, for danger was brewing in the depths of the Mountains of Deathe…

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