The End of the Sarklammen Threat

Jonathan Zhao read the prophecy again. He had found it in the ice. This is what it said:

Deathe will reveal himself in true form at the last sunlight of August, eighth month of the year. Then will come a hooded figure, the legacy of the one who ruled Askima many years ago, from the realm of Pruderas, this king was called Jehostpaligh, his surname Zaklien. He was overthrown by the Wei, who assassinated him. This hooded figures name, however, is Jehostpaligh Zaklien XIV. He is a powerful man, and will help the one with Deathe overtake the Elehadins and avenge the Eternals and Immortals.

It was the twenty-ninth of August, so in three days time, Deathe would reveal himself, they would meet up with this new man, and avenge the Eternals and Immortals.

The man turned out to be nice, and Deathe a spirit-god. Jehostpaligh killed all the Elehadins with just a snap of his fingers. After that, they entered Avaski and met the Dark Lord Sarklammen. Jonathan Zhao almost died dueling the Dark Lord while his comrades fought Sarklammen’s men. Sarklammen Disapparated at the last second before his death. They took the Court of Avaski and burned the Dark Lord’s flag and his emblem on the main building. Meanwhile, Lord Sarklammen reappeared in the hills of Avaski. He rallied his remaining troops, forged alliances, and gathered new recruits. Eight months later he attacked.

The din of the battle that raged was deafening. More than a trillion people died in the first six hours of the fight. Yet the two armies kept advancing on each other. Only night brought an end to the fighting.

Both leaders were now rallying all means of war they could. The Dark Army and the Death Eaters were expanded. Jonathan Zhao summoned an animal army. Spiders and manticores scampered into the camp. Amphorotitans flew and swam in to the army. In the morning they attacked with their new reinforcements, demolishing the valley they fought on. This time reinforcements kept coming, so they did not stop even in the night. The battle raged on for two days until the Dark forces retreated to regroup in the hills where their master sat, meditating. As soon as his men arrived, he stood up. The armies of Jonathan Zhao were chasing them. They quickly formed their battle lines and charged to grapple with the attack coming at them. Jonathan Zhao searched for Lord Sarklammen. They started dueling. Their fight was even more costly than all-out war. Everyone stopped fighting to watch. The two rulers’ blows shook the earth and hills. Finally, Jonathan Zhao shot a blast that hit Lord Sarklammen. It all seemed to happen in slow motion. Sarklammen Aki’s cries of “Noooo” while falling and Jonathan Zhao raising his wand triumphantly. It was a whole minute before anyone realized what was going on. Someone in the hills nearby might have thought there was a volcano. The cries of delight from the Askiman armies and cries of despair at the fall of their leader from the Dark forces was deafening.

That night the Askiman armies celebrated at the fall of Sarklammen Aki. The dark forces had been captured and put in prison. Jonathan Zhao was then forty-eight years old.

It was the twenty-ninth of August, so in three days time, Deathe would reveal himself, they would meet up with this new man, and avenge the Eternals and Immortals. read paradise kissmanga chapters for free

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