South East Asia Is Getting Dragged Into A Fight Between The US and North Korea

The United States has been waging a verbal war with North Korea. President Trump has continually stated that he would act fast, fiercely, and without second thought if North Korea continues to push for nuclear development. This is a different tactical push than the former president offered, and it’s starting to get to the South Eastern Asian countries. Some pundits are even saying that the South Eastern Asian countries are being dragged into backing the United States, and the threat of war that could loom heavily.


 The 10 Country Association   

There are 10 countries that make up the Southeast Asian Nations, and they are started to grow worried about what the United States will ask of them in the future. With the United States condemning all nuclear weapon pursuits from North Korea, the rest of the region is concerned that they will have to play a role in attacks, and war that may be waged. The Philippines’ President recently went on record to state that it’s hard not to join in if something breaks off, but it’s not ideal for the region, which is being hit with economic stresses at the present.


Isolating and Dismantling North Korea

  The United States is starting to grow into a bully overseas. They are pressing heavily on the UN Security Council, and the 10 Country Association in South East Asia. This comes into play as policy makers are asking that all communication and diplomatic elements with Pyongyang is limited and cut off essentially. The goal is to isolate North Korea into stepping away from nuclear options, so that they are left without recourse.


World War 3 Could Be Coming

  North Korea is not standing back. They are not letting the United States bully them, and that concerns many. Some analysts are suggesting that World War 3 will be sparked by the United States continually pushing North Korea back into a corner, and the Asian states nearby will need to join and help fight, which they are reluctant to do, considering they are dealing with a variety of issues on their own.


Time will tell, of course, but the United States will continue to bully others if need be. 

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