My mom passed away 3 ½ years ago. She was 85.

By the time she passed, she was a shell of her former self. 5 crushed discs in her back, the result of a car accident, caused her to walk bent over a walker. Prior to that she had fallen and broken her hip and walked with the help of a cane. Before that she had survived her first bout with breast cancer.

She fought. But each round took its toll. She wasn’t the same.

But she was the mother who not only gave me life, but hope, dreams, and confidence. But of all she gave me, her greatest gift was love.

That never changed. From my first recollection to my last with her alive. I was her beautiful boy.

I love you mom, more than you know. I miss you so much. I just wish I could hug you, kiss your cheek and say one more time, “Happy Mother’s Day, mom!”

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