The FBI, Comey, and the Ërratic Activity of President Trump

Even long before being elected president of the United States, President Trump has done nothing but exhibit consummate egotism and an unquenchable appetite for publicity.

It is understandable, nevertheless, that a substantial sector of our nation might choose to vote to elect this entrepreneur for president. Many are not happy with the Clintons. Because of the constant barrage of bad publicity about Ms. Clinton’s emails and other factors, such as her “being part of the Washington political system”, many, I believe chose Trump simply rather than vote for Ms Clinton. He is also a very dynamic and convincing, actually intimidating, speaker, a characteristic that carries a great deal of weight with many.

Many more cautious thinkers foresaw the actions of Trump. His rhetoric and activity clearly reflect the same thinking and speeches expressed by Adolph Hitler, Mussolini, and more recently, by the North Korean government and others.

Since taking office, President Trump quickly put some of his relatives in powerful positions and has also begun methodically to sweep the White House of its key personnel to bring in his own “crew” of yes-men who will help him in his endeavor to become the country’s first dictator.

In firing FBI director Comey, and in such a public and degrading manner only points up the president’s desire for publicity (as one wag once said, “Even bad publicity is better than no publicity at all.”) and self-aggrandizement.

In our country, this is completely unheard-of activity by a sitting president. No man, not even the president of the United States, is above the law, and to demand Director Comey’s loyalty (meaning not to dispute anything the president may do or have already done) is to blatantly demand a conflict of interest for the director.

Ostensibly, President Trump attributes his decision to relieve Director Comey of his duties on the fact that Director Comey should have acted differently in the case of Ms Clinton. While saying this, he completely failed to mention that in firing Director Comey he also fired the man who was leading an unbiased investigation into any connections between Trump, his associates and/or others with the Kremlin.

Our president has also gone so far as to indicate that he admires notorious ruthless leaders such as “President” (read dictator) Putin in the Kremlin and Supreme Leader Kim in North Korea.

It should be incumbent upon every American to pay very close attention to the activities of this dangerous president. Many in Congress are already considering just how much farther he may go before they begin impeachment proceedings.

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