No Fighting but in War

Asia, as most Americans see it, is just a gigantic place where we owe a lot of money to. We owe so much money to China that we just try to keep them happy. I believe that the only reason America lets China go on with a communist government and not do anything to stop it, is because we owe them too much. People may think this is crazy and I would understand that. But why do we stop North Korea from sending nuclear bombs to South Korea? The government will tell you it is because we are the superpower and it is our duty to help the world. But in reality China does some terrible things that we ignore. Why does the U.S. still trade with a country who does things like ignoring millions of starving children? Simply, because we need them. If suddenly for example Taiwan or Mexico would start killing their citizens, America would react. But when a country that we are reliant does that, we do nothing. This might sound crazy, but this is what I believe.

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