China and United States, a love-hate relationship

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping are by no means the best of friends. President Trump made it very clear how much he disdains the leader of China, Xi Jinping. China's leader, in turn, has made it clear that he will not give in to the demands of Donald Trump. This, of course, is causing issue with the relationship that China and the United States once shared.

However, there is one topic of discussion that brings the two countries together more than anything else right now, and that is North Korea. Both China and the United States have an invested interest in trying to deescalate the issues that are caused by North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-un. This is the silver lighting for the two countries. North Korea has becoming more aggressive and has threatened the safety of Moon Jae-in and his country of South Korea, as well as the rest of Asia. 

So maybe there is hope here. The old saying "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" is an especially important saying here. Maybe, through the passive intervention of North Korea, two great countries can mend their broken relationship, and come together to find new ways to better the world. Now that is something to be hopeful about!

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