The Name of Kalazi

Far away from the Shakali Kingdom, in the Mountains of Deathe, something stirred. A hand appeared on the surface of a mountain. Then a face, then a body. It’s eyes flashed. They were red, with white pupils. He stood up, his ripped robes billowing. If anyone looked at those eyes, they would know what happened. The Nashhyyk warlord Shalakazan had returned from his supposed death.

Once, on Nashhyyk, Shalakazan had been the Great Elder’s adviser. But when Nashhyyk was destroyed, Shalakazan was thought not to have survived the eruption. But the elders predicted that he was not dead, but still roaming for his people, his friends, and his living enemies.

Shalakazan rose into the air, satisfied at what he saw, the Shakali and Nahotsk tribes, waiting for him.

Meanwhile, Kalazi Onahomaka Akanamanse was meditating. He saw a vision of Shalakazan appearing on top of the mountain. He opened his eyes, worried. The great Shalakazan was still alive? And in Avaska? Kalazi grabbed his dightsaber, put on his Nashhyyk robes, put on his armor, and then set off for the Mountains of Deathe.

So, a young Nashhyyk who is strong and brilliant. Young man, what is your name?”, said Shalakazan when Kalazi approached. Even though Kalazi was over three hundred years old, Shalakazan still called him young for he himself was five hundred twenty-six years old.

Kalazi Onahomaka Akanamanse. You are Nashhyyk?”

Do I look like one?”

Of course, but us in the Shakali region are more cautious about intruders than you might know.”

Should this be a challenge?”

Only if you want.”

Shalakazan drew his dightsaber and started to duel. Kalazi swung low and Shalakazan jumped and brought down his blade. Kalazi rolled to the side and sent an energy ball which exploded against an electrotornado. Kalazi swung his dightsaber to deflect a fireball but was blasted backward. Shalakazan moved in for the final blow but Kalazi created an energy field around him. When Shalakazan backed off, Kalazi disappeared and reappeared right behind Shalakazan and sliced across his back but not before Shalakazan had kicked him across the snow. He stood up, ready but he did not  need to. Shalakazan’s back was bloody and he was now lying on the snow. Suddenly, a shadow obscured the scene. Kalazi turned around and Shalakazan stood up. They were in the presence of a Nahotsk warrior, by the look of his robes. Behind him stood Nahotsk soldiers, all carrying najitas and katanas, some even dightsabers and rifles. Kalazi called for backup from the Shakali army and Nashhyyk Order, then dived into battle. He sliced and slashed but found that for every soldier he killed, a replacement came, so it was practically useless. Shalakazan was dueling five at a time while Kalazi was dueling seven. Finally Kalazi cracked and ignited the other five blades of his dightsaber. All six blades flashed, striking fear into the Nahotsk soldiers. When all seemed lost, though, seven blades cut through the air, meaning backup had arrived. At the sight of the Shakali army, the Nahotsk legion retreated. That night everyone questioned Shalakazan about what happened since the destruction of Nashhyyk. Kalazi tried to find a potion that cured blaster hits, since he had gotten hit by two. Eventually he decided on dittany. He needed to prepare for battle, since the next day at dawn they would attack the Nahotsk region in revenge for attacking him and Shalakazan.

After a bloody battle, they set up a monastery, temple, fortress, and wall in their new territory. Then the watchmen inspected the lands beyond, forests and plains, from the new watchtower. They had hired a powerful ally, the Atlaskatans, fierce warriors that wore armor that was nearly invulnerable. Their main armor was undetectable and they wore mail armor over their inside robes, which were red. Their outside robes were also red, with a white cross on them and embroidered in black. They also wore purple cloaks with hoods. They wore white masks over their faces and blue energy pulsed through their skin, giving them a sense of power and invincibility. The Atlaskatans could also regenerate their bodies or rejuvenate their blood. This made them near the point of invincible. The Atlaskatans lived on an island near the Shakali region.

In the mountains, however, near the Gates of Destruction, a shadow fell. The stone gates began to creak and open. Out stepped a warrior of the Otherworld. The defense of the portal had failed. The demons of the Otherworld had allied themselves with various Underworld monsters. Next came the chief demon, Magda, once a mage, banished from the human world. But within this horde of monsters, something good came, a man, wearing red and green robes, who immediately disappeared in a whirl of black. He was Shammenan, the mysterious elder sage that disappeared in the year 400 TYD(The Years of Death).

Shammenan reappeared next to Kalazi, who was sleeping. He spoke to Kalazi in his dream and gave him a destiny, a prophecy that would last with him to death. He spoke in the language of the Otherworld.


You will find a master called Shammenan in the Mountains of Deathe, for you must face the demon Magda. You have a new name, Jillaka Lorian Teslumpha.

Kalazi woke up and put on his things. Half an hour later, he left for the mountains of Deathe, and the temple of Teslumpha.

Who are you?” asked Kalazi.

I am the elder sage, Shammenan.”

You are my master?”

And the one who spoke to you two nights ago.”

What is this place?”

The temple of Teslumpha.

Teslumpha aloso?”

Vanghra Teslumpha shiro.”



Shammenan took Kalazi inside the temple and Jillaka Lorian Teslumpha began his training.

In the Nahotsk capital, the king called together all his counselors and asked, “Should I attack the Shakali and the beginning of the day at dawn or at midnight, dinner?”

Dinner, sir, for they would be all feasting away and we have the advantage.”, said Zandeur. The others agreed.

All right then, we attack at dinner!”

On the northern border of the Shakali and Nahotsk Kingdoms, Magda and his forces stopped their trek for the day. They set up camp. Magda went inside his tent and started to make his army. He grabbed his staff and waved it around the room, casting spells, and everywhere a spell was cast, a dozen or so soldiers appeared. When they appeared they started marching out to join his current forces. Back in the mountains, Jillaka met the emperor sage, a blind, deaf, and dumb man with a red and green robe around him. He did not need the power of his senses to see, hear, and talk, for he could send thoughts right into someone’s mind, hear them, and see everything. His name was Jehostpaligh Zalaka Teslumpha the Emperor of Jehost, Vashti, and Miranka. Shammenan took Jillaka to a ball and said, peer into it, and see all of the world.

Jillaka saw high mountains, green plains, and thousands of islands on their planet before he was taken to his personal chambers. He was given a staff and then practiced the art of magic from Shammenan, the art of fighting from Lilanka, and history from Jehostpaligh.

Attack!”, shouted the watchmen, “We’re under attack!”. The Nahotsk were frightened, they never seen warriors like those of Magda. A part of his army was also to attack the Shakali Kingdom. They had allied themselves with the Brutanians, the inhabitants of the other islands on the planet. The Brutanians were a cruel people, fighting among each other and killing every thing that stood in their way. The Brutanians were envious of their neighbors, the Nahotsk and Shakali, so they were happy that Magda was taking care of the situation. They crashed through the watchtower walls of the Shakali and Nahotsk, and the fighting began.

3 years later Jillaka was escorted by Shammenan and the Council of Jehost to meet with the Nashhyyk Order in the mountains. The Atlaskatans and the Order of the Thestral were also meeting there. The Nahotsk and Shakali had become one nation, the Imperial Lashlothian Empire. They banded together under the rule of the Nashhyyk Order to fight the army of the Otherworld. So the plan was made. The Atlaskatan army would help fight Magda’s army. The Nashhyyk Order would go with them. The rest would go with Kalazi to fight Magda and his personal guard. There was also a resistance force in the mountains attacking the Otherworlders from the north. This helped, but there was one problem, Magda lived in the Otherworld.

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