What can we Atribute to Prsident Trump so far

President Donald Trump was elected to office in January of 2017. His first 100 days in office was filled with controversy and lots of negativity from the U.S. Democrats. However, President Trump managed to do plenty of good things during that time. The following material will highlight some of President Trump’s more positive moments during his first 4 months in office.

Many pro-women organizations have seen an increase in donations since Donald Trump came into office. Trump’s stance on this issue has helped to bring more awareness to the cause of gender equality. President Trump’s immigration ban was considered an extremely tough measure for protecting the country but it did prove to be useful. Many potential terrorists now have a hard time getting into the United States.

The president’s transgender bathroom bill also helped many members of the LGBTQ community to come together. Many of the people who are involved in the LGBTQ community were able to raise millions to help pass legislation for change regarding the transgender bathroom issue.

Trump’s actions on many issues has helped the Republicans to stay strong and in power over the last 4 months. Many conservative supporters enjoy the work that he is doing within America. His presidency is truly changing America and how the nation is viewed in the world. People may or may not like President Trump. Regardless of their feelings, this president is truly making long lasting changes that will protect America from its enemies and help it grow as a nation.

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