5 Beautiful Gardens that will Warm & Relax your Heart, Body & Soul

Beautiful gardens have a magical effect on us. They instantly make us relax. Take for example, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. This amazing place will absolutely amaze you with its beauty. Similarly, there are many other gardens around the world, that every nature lover must visit at least once. These gardens are modern-day marvels and showcase how beautiful nature can truly be.  

 Gardens by the Bay



As mentioned above, the Gardens by the Bay is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Located in Singapore, the gardens were created on 249 acres of reclaimed land. Gardens by the Bay are huge, and one of the most loved attractions in Singapore. The gardens are divided in three garden sections. Each one is a waterfront section. The Bay Central Garden is a waterfront promenade that connects the other two gardens. It will soon have new features. The Bay South Gardens has amazing features like Supertree Grove, Cloud Forest, Flower Dome, Children’s Garden, and Horticulture Themed Garden. The Bay East Gardens have gardens shaped like tropical leaves, and are full of rare flowers.  

Singapore Botanic Gardens

botonic garden singapore.jpg

 The only gardens to have the UNESCO World Heritage tag, the Singapore Botanic Gardens are actually 158 years old. The gardens open at 5:00 am and have free admission, except to the National Orchid Garden. This garden is the most popular section, and holds over 1000 species of orchids, and 2000 species of hybrids. The gardens also houses a 6 hectare rainforest, which is older than the gardens. The forest was preserved and made a part of it as the gardens expanded. Other popular attractions in the garden are Ginger Garden, Botany Centre, and Jacob Ballas Children Garden. These stunning gardens will leave you feeling happy and relaxed.

Nong Nooch Garden, Thailand

thailand garden.jpg

 Located in Pattaya, this amazing garden is a prime example of how landscaping can make a garden look beautiful. However, this place is a lot more than just a garden. This place is like a destination where tourists can eat, drink, relax and have a great time. There are restaurants, rest-stops, pools, houses and villas. The garden is also a place for conservation of rare plants, flowers and trees. The landscaping is done in such a way that each different area has a unique look and tells a story. This is one of the most popular places in Thailand, and a must-visit if you like nature, flowers and gardens.   

 Keukenhof, Netherlands


 Rows and rows of colourful tulips and other beautiful flowers welcome you to Keukenhof, which is also known as the Garden of Europe. However, these tulips are outside the garden. The tulips within are a grown according to colour in different areas, and really spruce up the look of the garden. Spread over a massive 79 acres, this stunning place has many wonderful smaller gardens within it. There’s Japanese Garden, English Garden, Historical Garden, and Nature Garden. Each one different than the next with attractive features. One could easily lose a whole day just admiring the flowers, and the beauty. It is one of the best gardens in the world, and a must-visit for nature lovers.

 Gardens at Versailles Palace 

The Gardens of Versailles.jpg

 Possibly the world’s most famous gardens, the Gardens at the Versaille Palace is a place any nature lover can get lost into. Tourists spend hours admiring the flowers, fountains, landscaping, and winding paths. The gardens were designed by Andre Le Notre for King Louis XIV. The king loved these gardens as much his palace and considered them to be an important part of his legacy. Making the garden was a painstaking effort, as the area they are built on were grasslands and marshes. Vast amounts of earth had to be moved to make way for the gardens and canals. Every inch of the 800 hectare land has actually been manually created or placed there. Thousands of men were employed at the same time to finish the garden. Today, the result is one of the greatest gardens in the world, where many tourists come to find and peace and solace.


These are the 5 best gardens in the world that will make anyone feel utterly relaxed. Over the years we’ve lost touch with nature, but places like Gardens by the Bay, Singapore have shown us that we belong in nature, and we are at our most relaxed when surrounded by such natural beauty. Many countries are waking up to this fact and are developing gardens for locals and tourists to enjoy. Gardens have a bigger meaning. They teach us about nature, and the need to preserve it. Therefore, if you are planning a tour to Singapore or any other such country, make it a point to ensure that the famous garden of that place is a part of the itinerary. This way, you will truly experience the beauty of that destination.  

A list of beautiful gardens are given here that will make your body happy and relax when you will visit these gardens and you will know about them here completely. You may also visit the

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