Victory in Avaska

Magda was in the infirmary. He wanted to do something that wasn’t allowed by the normal regulations for magic. First, he waved his staff and a flash of light left his skin a silvery color. Then he injected and drank a purple and black potion. His eyes turned yellow and intense. Then he put on his armor. The armor was black and was the armor of the Dark Lord of the Dark Realm, Surone, and his daughter, the Dark Enchantress of the Dark Realm, Surjon. The armor gleamed and flashed. Magda was done. He stepped out, put on his clothes over his armor, then went to the main building of his palace.

Back in the Mountains of Deathe, Jehostpaligh tapped his staff twice on the Gates and they slowly, inch by inch, opened. Everyone stepped inside. They appeared in the Otherworld, and right next to them, was the Gates of the Underworld, the most feared place known. In front of them was a long hallway that led to a cavern with a lava pool. On the right was a door no doubt leading to a storage room. On the left were two doors that led to the rest of the Otherworld. They opened these doors and a bright blast of light hit their faces. They were in the Otherworld, the world of spirits and demons. Jehostpaligh was known and revered here, as well as Shammenan. In the distance on a steep mountain, sat the castle of Magda, the Black Mage, and his father, the Dark Lord of Ulsythem (Mordor). Beside Ulsythem stood Arronach (Gondor), and to the north stood Shharaahem, the Land of Ice, while to the east stood Ulyyach, or No Man’s Land, also formidably known as the Land of the Giants. To the south of Ulyyach led to Torrahugaa, the land of criminals, trolls, and more monsters. The land they had entered was Arrahem the territory of the spirits, and to the west was Kalaazul, the land of the demons of the Otherworld. This was the Otherworld.

Jehostpaligh magically teleported them to Ulsythem, Mordor, the land of evil. Magda’s palace was now seen more clearer than ever, and on the walls, thousands of soldiers patrolled the towers. There were seventeen strong towers as the outer compound, and a small inner wall that served as the last defense for the main compound. Kalazi watched in awe while Jehostpaligh and Shammenan examined the walls, looking for a weakness. They decided that they needed to launch a full scale attack, with the help of the warriors of Arronach, Ulyyach, and Arrahem. The Council sent out urgent messages for the downfall of the Dark Lord and the Black Mage. The next day, quadrillions of soldiers had arrived. They charged at the fortress from all sides, defying the archers on the wall. The main door broke and the invading army swept in like a tidal wave. In the courtyard they fought, hand-to-hand fighting. Kalazi, Jehostpaligh, and Shammenan went to look for Magda and his father.

Out in the courtyard, the attackers were winning. They scaled the walls and shot down enemy soldiers. Destroyer bombers patrolled the skies, dropping bombs everywhere and fighting enemy fighters. The luxury of the castle was disrupted by war. Magda and his father called together the armies of Ulsythem to the defense of their country. As war raged all around them, the defenders slowly gained the upper hand. But the damage was done, they had bought Jillaka enough time to look for Magda. Magda had fled.

As the armies returned to camp, Jillaka, Jehostpaligh, and Shammenan met up with them and told them the bad news. Magda had allied the armies of Ulsythem, Torrahugaa, and Kaalazul. So only one nation remained neutral, Shharaahem, the Land of Ice. If they convinced the Icelanders to join them, their chance of winning the war would be renewed. Fortunately, the Icelanders agreed to the alliance. Their plan was, the Icelanders would attack Kaalazul from the north. The men of  Arronach would attack Ulsythem from the west, the giants would attack Torrahugaa from the north, the soldiers of Arrahem would attack Ulsythem from the south and Kaalazul from the east, and Jehostpaligh, the Council of Jehost, Shammenan, and Jillaka would join the forces attacking Ulsythem. In this way all enemy countries would be under attack so they couldn’t help each other and the strongest would either be attacked from two directions or by heavy armored soldiers, like the giants. The attacks began at midnight and Ulsythem was attacked at dawn, when it expected it the least. All attacks were succesful but unfortunately, none won any land, though it weakened the enemy armies by a lot. In the middle of all this, the giants had found a new land, the plains of Whoolamen(Westwind). It was divided into two countries, bu both boasted mages and powerful cavalry and infantry. The northern half was claimed by the Jehostans. The southern half was claimed by the Ulsythians. Another island found bragged about its fierce warriors. This island was called Elsythem(Pertland), and this time the southeastern side allied with the Ulsythians and the northwestern side sided with the Jehostans.

Back in Avaska, the Nashhyyk Order was doing enough to keep the armies of Magda at bay, but not enough to drive them out of the Mountains of Deathe and back into their own lands. The high elder suggested that they should send a legion on both sides of the army, then most of their forces to the front, send their aircraft into the skies, and send their navy to annihilate their ports. This might scare them enough to send them fleeing back to the Gates of Death, and then Avaska could rest in peace. This might have worked if Magda’s soldiers had known fear, but unfortunately, they didn’t, since they were mostly deathless. The plan failed utterly and the high elder was fired for not reaching the knowledge level. The Atlaskatans laughed at this. They knew something that might work, but it was also a suicide mission, and they didn’t have the resources. After sharing it with the Nashhyyk Order, the Order agreed to the plan. They chose the elder sage to lead a brigade of sages to pretend to be Jehostpaligh Teslumpha, who was known to be even more invincible then these old thugs. It worked and sent the Dark Army into panic, killing each other while the sages shot things at them to encourage the confusion. The Dark army fled through the Gates of Death and never bothered to think about going through the Gates again without at least a few hundred soldiers from the Underworld or their leader, Magda. Fortunately, Magda and his father would be defeated before they realized the Dark Army had retreated.  

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