Robert Mueller is Not the Right Choice to Investigate Russia

 Since the scandal involving Hilary Clinton allegedly deleting incriminating e-mails, the world has been on edge. James Comey, former FBI Director, announced in a press conference that the FBI was closing an investigation against Clinton.

 Clinton had used a private e-mail server for documents however Comey decided on his own that it wasn't worth investigating. This left the FBI out in the cold- he made the decision single-handedly without consultation.

 Trump fired Comey on May 9, 2017. He didn't want another scandal to break out where Comey took lead. Unfortunately, now there are allegations that Trump is getting money from Russia.Robert Mueller is leading this investigation.

 The new FBI Director, Andrew McCabe, has commissioned an investigation into the matter. However Mueller is the wrong choice for spearheading this investigation. He has too many ties to Comey as the two are good friends. His objectivity is compromised.

 Robert Mueller should recuse himself from the investigation on Russia in order not to mar his reputation. He might later be accused of being biased, such as what happened with Comey, who took a lot of heat from both political parties for his somewhat rogue actions. A similar fate could await Mueller if he does not back down.

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