Independence Day

If you have followed me you know I live in China, some parts of the year. I am home on the farm now, Honaunau Hawaii, not in a communist country. Today we finally cracked the books for Joys up coming US Citizens test. I think most of us would fail. No trick questions, just stuff every American should know, remember, understand, cherish.


I have a better understanding of the Medias propaganda machine and how it steers people into believing the sky is falling. Until you tune into a country out side of the US, watch their news reporting, see the different slant, it all becomes very clear. Chinas Global News Network is not the least bit interested in how a president shakes hands, stands for pictures, what he tweets, what he ate for dinner. I learned more about the world events in two hours than any time here in America. Real news according to US, is boring.

So it is Independence Day, even in Hawaii. I have always been shocked when a person asked if we get to go home to the United  States much. Even a lawyer in Ca did not know that a visa was not required to visit Hawaii from the Mainland. How we get lost in the freedom that was given to us in 1776. So glad we are not drooling over a visit from the Queen, or if Charley is finally going to be king.

 Remember, “Better off dead than Red” “There is a communist hiding behind every bush”. Well, I have never lived in Russia, Joy has, but I can talk about Communist China. If you ask a person on the street, are you a communist? They would almost always say that is the government, not me. Most of all the T-shirts worn in China have English words. I Love NY, LA, Disneyland, US Army, DKNY and the most widely worn hat……New York Yankees, maybe because it looks like a Chinese character. It is overwhelming the influence American culture has on the people of China.

 I asked our 20 something niece, who has lived in the US for a number of years and is now back in China, any places in Beijing you, would not feel safe any time? No. That is the feeling I got walking at all hours with my ball cap on with a small American flag on the back. No homeless, beggars, no graffiti, none that I saw. You have to understand, if you do not follow the rules, cause trouble, you just disappear, my opinion, people understand this.

 We are in the middle of no-where, China, we come across a farmer in the mountains. He offers us some Mulberries he had been picking and asked who I was. Don’t get many like you around here.  When he learns I was from America, he asked one question to me. Do We like Chinese? More from the propaganda machine. I gave him a hug, shook his hand, he gave me some more berries. Now that is international diplomacy. I was surprised to find that President Trump is very well liked. From my 88 year old Mother in-law, who thinks Trump, is good for the world, need to stir things up, Chinese point of view. No Snowflakes.

So today, looking at facebook, someone posted a video clip of then President Obama and Hillary standing for the National Anthem. Hillary, hand over heart, Obama, hands over his balls. The best propaganda machine in the world could not spin that one for me, Disgusting.  Aloha




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