Shop Till it Drops

I love shopping. I live for shopping. I’m a shop-o-holic. But not for the sake of shopping itself, but for the sake of searching for the best price!

I NEVER pay full price—for anything! I shop until either I drop or the price drops—whichever comes first. My joy is knowing I found the very best price possible on items for my family, my work and myself. There are few things that bring me greater joy than a low price on a high-quality item. For example, I recently found a location (one that will go unnamed) where I can purchase high quality, name brand clothes for $1 to $4 dollars!

I’m NOT kidding. Clothing that would sell in stores for more than $100, I now buy slightly used for $1! I’ve purchased a number of these garments that I plan to resell for more than I paid for them. I love America!

I work much too hard for my income and I refuse to waste my money on foolhardy spending. Come with me on the hide and seek journey of savings. You won’t regret it!

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