6 Things To Do Everyday

Hello everyone . Today , I'm going to list down below the 6 things you should do everyday. I know this might be tough to achieve but we can do this by small steps . 

So here are the things you should do :

  1. Drink water - we all know that drinking water is beneficial to our body . By drinking water it helps to clean all the toxins in our body . Aside from that it makes our skin supple, softer and being hydrated . It is advice to drink 8-10 glasses a day.

  2. Eat healthy - try to eat healthy foods by picking apple snacks w/peanut or anything that you think is healthy for your body. Remember that our body depends on what we eat .   

  3. Do exercises or be active - we should give time to have even minutes of exercise by trying to do stretching, walking or any kind of exercises you think will be good for your body. I know this might be tough for you to do everyday but it is very beneficial for our body. 

  4. Watch or read news - we should watch news or read newspaper, for us to know what's going on to the world .Stay up to date so that you must know the latest happenings.

  5. Wash your face day & night - going into regular skin care routine helps our skin to stay healthy. Use products that you think will suit to your skin type (oily/dry face).

  6. Brush your teeth - one of the important is our teeth because without it, we cannot chew foods that we eat. It is advice to brush your teeth 2-3 minutes . You should brush morning , afternoon and night. If we do not take care of our teeth we might end up having less tooth by an early age . 

So , yes these are the things you should do everyday . I hope this helps :)

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