Death Penalty

       The death penalty has been significantly one of the most controversial issues in the Philippines. There had been debates whether or not the capital punishment should be restored again and should be implemented in the Philippines. A mass number of Filipino citizens are against having the penalty back in the Philippines, believing that no one has the right to take someone else’s life other than God. However, the lives of innocent people have been taken away from them, by murderers who have no fear of killing their own fellow people. Catholicism has been a dominant foundation or a cornerstone to most Filipinos. More than 86% of the population in the Philippines belong to the Roman Catholic religion, while another 6% belong to a diverse Christian denomination, and 2% belong to over a hundred Protestant denominations. If we would base the capital punishment according to the Bible, in Genesis 9:6, God told Noah "Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man" I do believe that this verse from the Bible tells us that the price of intentional murder should be death itself, for death would be its forfeit. Meaning, that when a man kills his fellow man, this man shall then be killed for he has killed. This is a command by God that reminds us that capital punishment also originated with Noah.

       The purpose of the death penalty is not to kill people but rather, to save innocent lives. The death penalty is a capital punishment that requires you to commit a heinous act or heavy crimes such as rape, murder, or drug trafficking, that has to go through a long process of trial and enough evidence before being executed on a person. Why would you sentence life imprisonment to a suspect instead of punishing him for death penalty instead? Is it because of pity? People, or maybe even the governors may pity the suspect, yet has the suspect ever felt any pity for the person that’s been victimized by his or her own deeds? The reason that the death penalty can save lives is through stopping crime itself. If you were to give the suspect another chance, how sure are you that the chance you give would be used in the right way? What if as you give that person a second chance, more lives may get ruined and the crime just doubles up its level? So, it’s better to stop it. There will always be crime, but I strongly do believe that with the power of implementing the capital punishment in the Philippines, crime rates would lower down its levels because people would then be aware of the consequences that their choices make. The death penalty, as in other countries, can lower crime rates. The level of crime rate may not go down right away, but I do believe that, slowly crime rates will go down its level.

         Another main reason why a vast number of Filipino citizens are not in favor of the death penalty to be implemented is because they believe that the justice system is currently unfair in the Philippines. Citizens have been expressing their dissatisfaction about the fact that status in the society of the Philippines has a large impact in the justice system. Many citizens have agonized and criticized that only poor people will be punished, whereas the rich can manipulate the justice system and the judges of the court. Not all judges or the leaders of the justice system are corrupt, but most of them are. Although, because of the new administration under the leadership of the new president, President Rodrigo Duterte, many Filipinos have restored or built up their trust to the government because of the strong leadership of the president which includes being tough, fearless & just. President Rodrigo Duterte has also set a good example of being a great leader by the results that were applied when he used to be a mayor of Davao City before being the president of the Philippines

        In the first place people shold be aware that they shall not commit a heinous act,and if they do, there shall be consequences for it. As i've said earlier the top crimes committed in the Philippines are rape, murder and drug trafficking. The Drug Traficking in the Phiippines is one of the greatest issue and crime happening right now. The use of Illegal Drug Trade can benefit people who are in need of money. People who are involved in illegal drug trade earn a lot of money through their business by selling addictive drugs that can attract citizens of all ages. Around 3000 people were killed with the use of illegal drugs. This can only be stopped by the death penalty implemented. Once a person has committed that crime, there is a high chance of possibility, that this can be reapeated.

          "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth"  said Hammurabi, King of Babylon. Every heinous act that have been committed, needs to have its justice; not just for the victims, but also for the suspects themselves too.  I have concluded that the death penalty should be implemented in the Philippines to lower crime rates, and to save more innocent lives. With the implementation of capital punishment in the Philippines, perhaps this can be an effective way to lessen the possibility of crimes happening. Probably a reason why there are citizens who are against the implementation of the death penalty may be due to their deterrence that has to be faced in order to change our country and our own selves. In conclusion, the death penalty is an effective way for people to stop and think about their actions, and suffer if they choose to walk the wrong path.

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