The Legend of Bellechenezang Isle

Book 1: Advancement

7000 light years from our planet Earth, in a time beyond time, there was a planet called Fangyr, home to the Fangyrids and the humanoids that lived alongside them. These creatures began as simple animals but by the year 900 SM(Second Millennium),

they had evolved into extremely intelligent creatures that had technology and knowledge beyond anything we will ever know. They had their own gods and goddesses, who were divided into the Eternals, Immortals, and Primordials. The Eternals were the rulers of the Underworld and Afterworld. The Immortals were the rulers of the Otherworld and the mortal realm. The primordial ones  were Fate, Lasyxsor, Chaos, Nyx, Tartarus, and Hermiod. These gods would play an important part in the story that would follow.

The mortals were led by numerous kings and emperors that were constantly allying and battling for land. There were three continents in Fangyr. Bellechenezang Isle was the origin of life on Fangyr. Fangorn was where humans first immigrated to and became the first all-human continent on Fangyr. Serria was the largest of them all, discovered in the year 400 320M. There were also wizards and demigods on the planet, a little less warlike than the regular mortals, who were very aware of their presence. The kingdoms were: Jehost, the Confederate Union, the Musketeers, the Terrorist Alliance, Elehadin Hagen, North Hagen, Oceania, Termia, Thestraland, Xanthous Empire, Pertland, Spearton, Archidon, Swordwrath, Magikill, and Miranka. These kingdoms would keep battling until 200 11M.

The gods also warred as well. The Eternals and Immortals would argue about power and battles began. But by 1 TM, they were mostly at peace. From 1 TM, we begin the real story.

By the third millennium, the Eternal Kryios and the primordial Nyx had two children. One would become the Immortal King Zester and the other would become the half Eternal-half Immortal Jehostpaligh Lothlorien Jynx Jillaka Lasyxsor Teslumpha. Jehostpaligh would be the hero of both the mortal and immortal realms, for he would unite them both and impose an empire so great, it would be admired by the entire universe. But for now he was just a young god, king of the Underworld, and younger brother of Zester. He bore three demigod children: Aragorn, Shade, and Jillaka, all who would have a role in this story.

For now, life would be easy. But the hardships were coming soon.


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