Canyon Fire 2 in North Orange County, CA

It has been so sad to see the devastation brought by the second fire to sweep through north Orange County, California, in less than a month and largely in the same area. A few of my friends had homes threatened in the first fire, but this second fire completely gutted 14 homes and structures and 22 in total were either destroyed or damaged. My office building was closed early due to the ash and debris field brought on by winds that sometimes gusted up to 40 miles per hour. Ashes from the fire landed on the beach more than 25 miles from the site of the fire.

It began late Monday morning, 10/9, and as of this writing, Tuesday, 10/10, in the evening it is only 25% contained and has burned approximately 7,500 acres. Dozens of residents are left sitting in evacuation shelters set up in two nearby high schools and the evacuation probably won’t be lifted until Wednesday. Some 5,000 structures are still under the threat of the fire. Thankfully, the winds and weather began helping in the effort with cooling temperatures and a thick morning marine layer.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has authorized the use of federal money for the so-called Canyon Fire 2 and other California fires. Because various blazes hit the state at the same time, resources were strained.


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