Cryptocurrency and the Economics of Shared Things

Decentralization and shared benefit services are driving major business model economies. Ushering in an age where the possibility of a one-world economy appears to be likely.

The world economy or global economy is considered to be the international exchange of goods and services expressed in monetary units of account (money).

For those who want to dig deeper, I encourage you to look online at the various information portals that provide across the spectrum positions from basic global monetary systems explanations to apocalyptic end-of-the world conspiracist warnings.

But for those of us who just need a bit of a wake-up call to recognize just how much things are changing economically, here’s some food for thought…

Decentralization (or world domination, to some) is evident in the following Business models:

Bitcoin is now the largest bank yet has no actual money.

UBER is the largest car company, but owns no cars.

Facebook is the world’s most popular media owner, but creates no content.

Alibaba is the world’s most valuable retailer, but has no inventory.

Airbnb is the largest accommodations provider, but owns no housing units.

If nothing else, this should intrigue you into looking deeper into the global marketing changes happening right before our eyes. Got a good idea to market retail products owned, operated, manufactured or shared by others? It could be the next global multi-billion-dollar business!

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