Law of the Land

What ever your opinion is about the legalization of pot, you have to know, the reason your representatives want this so bad is MONEY. The revenue it will bring into the state as a TAX. So, in good conscience, the State of California wants you to light up, buy as much pot as you can, we are not really concerned about your health, the health of your kids, family, & the people around you. Light up, we will get more TAXES from you in a fun way. This is the true reason of the decision making policies of the California Gov. If you succeed from the United States, just think of all the money you will get if you do not have to pay Federal Taxes. California can keep all that money; you just loose your Citizenship to the greatest nation on this planet. Think about it, people are so stoned; they will loose it all and not remember. Those are the thoughts of the clowns running your State.

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