Communicating with Millennials

I’ve been hearing a lot about millennials and how they learn, act, and shape marketing and purchasing protocols. Here’s a few fun facts about them and their phones and why that relationship is shaping the future of marketing and communication strategies.

91% of millennials use their phone to send or receive text messages. I know, boring right? Don’t worry, the stats get better).

83% of millennials sleepwith their phone—according to a 2014 Nielsen study.

Therefore, logic would dictate that based on these two stats, it is best to communicate with millennials via text. It is their preferred communication medium. Millennials would much rather text than the much quicker opportunity of calling. They worry they would be interrupting the person they’re calling. According to those millennials surveyed, texting is less intrusive. It is considered shorter and more on-point. It is a better, more precise interactive technology.

Millennials rarely use voicemail and would rather follow up a phone call with a text message. Very different from Baby Boomers.

During work hours, millennials have the expectation their texts will be returned by friends, family and even clients within 1 hour; bosses within 15 minutes to an hour, and romantic partners within 5 minutes! (If you truly love me, you will text me right back!) Nothing says, “I love you” like a quickly returned text!

The phone is largely for work and other types of “transactions” that are necessary in their lives. But texting is for everything else.

Texting is for everything else. Yahoo mail login guide

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