Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations and Activities

After months of planning your wedding and deciding on every tiny detail from the flowers, dresses, music and festive foods for your reception, you are just exhausted. Your honeymoon destination can breathe new life into you after all of the wedding is said and done.

You can choose from one of the top 10 honeymoon destinations that have interesting and relaxing activities to rest up after the big day and explore a new area. 

California Wine Country

This area in California includes the Sonoma and Napa Valley and is considered a world-class honeymoon destination. The weather is beautiful in this part of the country with beautiful green rolling countryside that includes natural hot springs to relax all of your worries away. Vineyards in this area are owned by master winemakers and celebrities alike. California wine country has all of the elements for a lovely honeymoon getaway.

A great way to experience the best of the best vineyards is to book a tour of the vineyards. You can go to celebrity’s locations and become a part of the rich and famous. Bicycle rentals are another great way to tour the gorgeous countryside at your own pace. You will find many world-class luxury spas in this area to unwind with your new spouse as you are pampered for a day. You can also enjoy a hot air balloon ride for the best overhead views of the California wine country.


Greece is a unique honeymoon destination that is affordable. The Aegean Sea beckons you to go on an island hopping excursion while you enjoy ancient ruins that have private beaches for seclusion. Luxury shopping is available on all of the islands for special gift selections. You can explore the cliffs that are up above and the street markets for a bit of fun. The foods are fantastic in Greece. You can try some of the freshest fish that you will ever put in your mouth as well as some of the finest olive oils in many flavors and top off a meal with a signature spinach pie. If you are a foodie, you will absolutely love this location. Julia Roberts honeymooned here with her second husband. 

Sailing tours are available so you can explore many of the small, quaint islands in the area. You can lie around on the beaches, go snorkeling or go on adventurous hikes. Many guests marvel at the beautiful sunsets of Athens. You can get away from it all on a private island for the ultimate in seclusion and romantic in Greece.


The island of Hawaii is best known for the beautiful and tropical beaches that are the most renowned in the United States. Kauai is a hiker’s paradise as you travel over the trails on the multi colored cliffs. You can enjoy water adventures by boat, go scuba diving, snorkeling in the clear blue waters in the five different islands where each has their own special treasures to behold. Hawaii is a great romantic destination for a honeymoon in a tropical paradise like none other. 

Hotels are abundant with romantic inns, cottages and resorts to choose from for this trip of a lifetime. You can ride the waves in Maui or ride bikes to Iolani Palace in Honolulu in this destination.

In Kauai, you can drive up to 4,000 feet for amazing views of the cliffs on the coastline. Ko’a Kea Hotel and Resort has couples treatments by candlelight. A 1930’s plantation is a great place to stay while you can sample the handmade artisan rums that are handmade at the site with the local molasses that gives them the traditional flavors.


Switzerland holds many types of scenery that will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. From the small villages to skiing in the Alps and tasting the most magnificent chocolates you can find. The lakes are clear and the foothills of the icy peaks are a true vision to explore. Basel is a medieval city that is yours to explore by foot or by bicycle. The Black Forest is just across the German border and you can enjoy hiking in the mountains, canoeing on the lakes and wondering through the art museums in Zurich then sip exquisite coffee at a riverside café with a beautiful view. Switzerland has luxurious old world hotels and you can easy access to other nearby countries such as Italy, France and Germany. 

Beautiful cabins are available for honeymooners in the Alpine foothills where you can ski down mountains and go snow shoeing through the Swiss Alps forests. There is a railway ride to see exhibits of the old-fashioned life in this country of charming small villages and evergreen forests that are huge and green. Foodie couples enjoy Switzerland as they sample chocolates, cheeses and local wines. 


You can find year round accessibility in Colorado as you visit Banff and Whistler in the cool weather among the scenic mountains. If you like the desert, you can take 4 x 4’s, bikes or hikes through lovely rock formations. You can also go skiing or snowboarding down the slopes in Colorado. Rafting trips on the clear waters are abundant and you can find a quiet getaway at a mountain country hotel with rustic surroundings and including luxury and hospitality.

Denver is a favorite spot for the great outdoors is just outside your hotel. You can find signature cocktails while you watch for celebrities in Aspen, one of the common areas to spot musical and movie stars. You can enlist in just about any type of outdoor activities in Colorado such as hiking, kayaking, rafting, climbing, skiing or biking. 


You can have your dream honeymoon in Florida along the coastal southern state, no matter what your budget is for this occasion. There is an abundance of shopping at trendy boutiques in Naples or you may wish to lounge on the beach, go club hopping or boat through the everglades and check out the alligators that Florida is famous for. You can explore the wilderness all day and then enjoy signature drinks on a rooftop bar to round out your night. 

Beaches offer a lot of fun including snorkeling and jet ski rentals. There is a lot of nightlife to enjoy in Miami nightclubs, or book a cocktail cruise to see the beautiful Florida sunset from the deck of a yacht for memories that you will never forget.


Belize is a tropical paradise with slow moving scenery and it’s affordable with enough outdoor adventure as well as relaxing coastlines. You can trek through the rainforest and enjoy the beautiful tropical caves. Private beaches are abundant where you can sit back, relax and enjoy cocktails of fresh rum and coconut milk in a coconut. 

Belize has some of the best snorkeling you can find as well as diving areas to find bright and dazzling colorful fish, stingrays, coral and non dangerous sharks. Jungle lodges are available in the middle of the rainforest to surround  you in peace and quiet with the wild jungle beauty while you are pampered in luxury on your honeymoon.

Las Vegas

You can visit Sin City for an adult playground with glamour and glitz around every corner. Play blackjack, enjoy a Las Vegas show or dance all night long at a cocktail lounge. You can also see a comedy show or possibly a magic show. Spa days prepare you for the long nights of partying. The nearby deserts and cliffs are great areas to hike, bike and climb to work off some calories from the casino buffets and the free flowing liquor. 

Budget your gambling losses before time, so you don’t leave Las Vegas on foot. Explore the desert trails just outside the city and admire the starry nights and lovely sunsets on a desertscape. A honeymoon in Vegas means you get romantic rooms, spa treatments for couples, exquisite cuisine and a beautiful room.

South Africa

This destination is for the adventurous couples who want to see wildlife up close and personal on a safari game drive. There are also vineyard tours with wine tastings and endless nightlife in Cape Town with beautiful views of the city. You can enjoy the city fun as well as quiet beaches and safari adventures. 

The beaches offer more miles of coastline than you could possible explore in a week. Make sure you take your camera for photos of rhinos, lions, elephants, giraffes and other exciting wildlife. You can enjoy Cape Town from the tours, enjoy the nightlife and see the history of the area. 


Super couples often honeymoon in Italy for the luxury, old world hotels and historic sites of Venice and Rome by water taxis. You can sip espresso at the quaint Roman cafes or enjoy a gondola ride for a romantic activity.

The romantic canals offer perfect rides to see the city. The Amalfi Coast has a great selection of cliff side villages that are actually carved out of the stone. Foodies love this site for the local cuisine that is farm to table fresh from the Italian countryside. You have a large variety of items to explore including museums and the Coliseum of Rome.

Try one of these 10 destinations for your honeymoon location to enjoy the most memorable area of your life for adventure and relaxation after the wedding. We at Sydney’s Closet can help you to plan your wedding parties clothing for a perfect best day of your life. We also carry a large variety of other clothing options for your honeymoon destination from casual attire while exploring to cocktail and tea length dresses for that special dinner out at night. 

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