6 Things Any Good Resume Format Will Never Have

Almost everyone knows what is the necessary content to put in the resume and the correct resume format according to the need. But do you know the few things that you should NOT include in your resume layout? Well, here they are:


1. Photograph


The photographs in the resume content pose two problems: one, it is considered unprofessional and amateur; two, it makes the digital documents bulky towards data transfer. It also poses problems with printing and layout neatness.


2. Average or Poor Marks


Average or under average marks pose negativity in the profile. The negativity in the resume can be tackled for other aspects but not with marks and (under)scores. It is often recommended that marks, scores, ranks, etc. can be completely eliminated even if they are good unless it is specifically required to be mentioned.


3. Series of Short-Duration Jobs


A long series of short duration employment doesn't reflect well on candidature. Specify the latest (or most prominent) 3-5 organizations with details and club the others in a single description instead of a long list of employment. It also reduces the length of resume making it easier to analyze and ensures the resume is read.


4. Passive Language


Using passive voice and tones in a resume undermines the activities and experience. Passive language can also bring a lack of clarity and understanding. A simple and active voice is the best format for resume content.


5. Irrelevant Skills


Unless relevant to the application, skills without application are best left out of the resume. Clubbing them in a small part or table can be a good way if they seem important to mention. 


6. More than 2 Pages


A lengthy resume poses the chances of being overlooked in a competitive application. It is best to keep the length confined to two pages. The standard resume formats can help condense the content under the required length. Although, beware that too much content in less space can make your resume chaotic as well.


 The resume is a key to entering the interview round. Prepare your resume with regards to these aforementioned suggestions and you will land up in a good organization with a good impression. After all, the first impression is the last impression.


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